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10 Best Locations in Goa for the New Year 

New year Goa

Goa New Year’s Eve party locations 

Can any other location in India compete with Goa’s fun and festive atmosphere, especially around the holidays? Very unlikely, then! You must at least once travel to Goa, one of India’s most exciting locations. Furthermore, you have chosen wisely if you intend to ring in the new year in Goa

Every party lover’s fantasy is to spend the New Year in Goa. Being at any of these, from the beach parties to the bars, clubs, and casinos, is worthwhile. Here are a few locations where you may celebrate the new year in Goa.

  • First Café Mambos in Baga 

Visit Café Mambos in Baga if you want to listen to upbeat music and watch live performances but at the same time want to avoid large crowds. The main draw for so many customers to choose this café is the outside patio. 

Entry cost: INR 1500 per person 

  • Panjim, Paulo Cruise 

ring in the new year on a cruise in Goa in 2022. Fun, huh? So go ahead and make it happen by quickly purchasing your tickets. Without giving a thought to anyone else, you can eat, drink, and dance here. Enjoy the four-hour cruise party here and let loose. 

Entry fee: 3,600 INR 

  • Panjim Boat Party

You may expect a similar experience when you celebrate the new year in Goa in 2022. You can sample the delectable seafood while enjoying the best beverages, then dance until you’re completely exhausted. The three-hour boat party may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget. 

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Entry fee: 6,360 INR 

  • Titos Bollywood Discotheque, number four 

Bollywood disco Tito’s 

What would a Goa New Year’s celebration in 2022 be without going out to the club? One location in Goa that is undoubtedly geared toward partygoers is Titos. Bollywood music is enjoyable, and you can even dance to it. When you start to feel a little tired, you can sip on a lovely, smooth beverage. This place has a great atmosphere, The audience is elegant, and the alcohol is smooth. 

Fee for entry: INR 2799 for two 

  • La Cabana in the sun 

Goa has a lot of locations to party, but the beach parties are always the highlight. You can get set to ring in the new year while dancing to the DJ’s music and indulging in copious amounts of alcohol. The best thing is that the celebration goes on here till morning. Too excited to visit that place? Start hunting for an admission pass because you will need one. 

Entry cost: INR 1,999 for each woman 

Reserve a self-drive vehicle.

  • Cubana Club 

Cuban Club 

If you want to dance all night long to the sound of DJs, the neon-lit nightclub is undoubtedly one of the places you should be. This is one of Goa’s trendiest nightclubs, close to Arpora beach, and every party animal should visit. 

Entry cost: INR 1500 per person 

  • Shaktipat Version 3

Edition 3 of Shaktipat 

Due to the trance music and culture, this is one of Goa’s most popular party spots. Unlike the other possibilities in Goa, this location is unique. One of the most distinctive new parties at Shaktipat Edition 3 is called Goa Gil Nimba. 

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Fee for entry: INR 5000 for two 

  • Hilltop 


Trance music is very well-liked here. Hilltop is the location you should be if you enjoy parties and eagerly anticipate the new year’s party. If you visit this location during the day, you won’t discover anything there, and you might not even think that it will appear entirely different at night. Everything about this place is excellent, including the music, food, and atmosphere. 

Entry cost: TBD 

  • Sinq 

Goa’s Sinq 

When you visit Sinq, you’ll find a lounge resort, a private poolside, an outdoor bar, and resident DJs. One of the top nightclubs in Goa and unquestionably a top location for the new year’s party.. Make sure you have the appropriate footwear on before you enter this nightclub because you will need to dance to the enthralling music that the DJs will be playing.

Reserve a self-drive vehicle. 

Entry fee: 1800 for two people 

  • 9 Bar 

9 bar 

9 Bar, which is on Vagator Hill’s summit, used to be an outdoor dance area. But after being transformed into a club, it has become a favourite among those who enjoy throwing parties. Everything about 9 Bar is great, including the delectable food, the breathtaking view, and of course the affordable costs.