10 Best Tutorials to Learn Photoshop Text Effects

Remember, every time you saw a book without all those vibrant pictures pretty boring? Yep, that isn’t childish – that’s human nature. People, no matter how old they are always drawn to things that are visually vibrant and are brimming with life and animation. We reckon you can imbue a life-like effect to your logo, website and the like.

Just ask the company you are taking take my course online for me from. We are sure, they can integrate them in fantastic way. Using Adobe Photoshop, they can create some spectacular artwork. It’s super useful for creating eye-catching text effects. We have compiled a list of the best and most entertaining text effect tutorials available on the internet. These tutorials will teach you how to use layer effects, brushes, and other tools to make the text effect you want for your project. That, said, let’s roll!

Elemental Texts

What good is a list of text effects if it doesn’t include instructions on how to highlight text though elements? Like water, fire, etc.  Anyone who uses Photoshop for the first time wants to make this – need we say this is the easiest tech you can start with? It is a simple effect that generates something that looks decent, if not a little corny.

Retro Texts

Retro texts are in for the buck! Stranger Things for instance, has a title image that is pretty famous and nostalgic, making it ideal for reproducing. This text tutorial for Stranger Things is simple. All you’ll need is the right typeface with embossing and illumination effects.

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This guide will walk you through the ideal settings for simulating the red glow, so you can turn any text into an 80’s throwback. Plus, you can even use Retro Layering styles to make a 3D sign effect. You can personalize and adapt the effect to your preferences. The end result is a text effect that is almost realistic and stands out.

Clipping Mask

Using a clipping mask with text to transform any background image into text is one great example of old is gold. You can add a tinge of clip art to the text to make it look more funk less junk – trust us people will love it. Simply input the text you want, place the layer beneath an image, and choose to make a clipping mask with the image.

This great-looking effect will take you less than 30 seconds to create. This technique in text styling requires a lot of shape cutting, especially if you are adding origami-feel to it. This uniquely constructed design will be much easier to replicate if you fold actual paper first to provide a real reference point.

Grassy Effect

A bright and realistic 3-dimensional grassland texture is one great way to add a natural look to your text. This is a fun text effect to attempt, and it uses a grass stock picture and a lot of layering effects. To make it appear flawless, you require some seriously greatly precise pen tool work. Although it might seem a bit difficult at first, yet the time invested will be well worth it!!

Metal Embossing Effect

A little shimmering gold is never bad right? You can add a glimmering effect to your texts by imbuing them with a metallic effect. Not only will this 3D look have a tinge of glamour to it. Rather, than that it will have a crisp appearance and a hint of depth. This will make it even more eye-catchy than it already is. You can achieve this through the use of layer effects and a few more minor elements that truly make the artwork stand out.

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Bellowing Smoke Effect

This technique uses smudging and swift airbrushing to create coils of smoke bellowing out of a text. While many of these tutorials employ layers to achieve a beautiful text effect. We included this one will because it will show you how to use Photoshop airbrushes to achieve the best Smokey highlights.

In addition to this, shadows on a flat text layer. It is simple to make a great Smokey text effect based on old logos. Also it looks excellent for a number of applications! Internal shading and a white “shadow” truly sell the artwork, yet they’re the only steps.

Gooey Blobs

This may appear to be difficult, but it only requires a little digital drawing. Drawing around the original word creates the organic drippy appearance. Even if you are interested in the gooey look, this is a wonderful tutorial to acquire some basic Photoshop techniques from. Ideal for Halloween, candy/food effects, and other similar occasions.

Plastic Effect

Using Photoshop to create a plastic appearance is pleasant since the text will appear to have reflections. Plus they give off a three-dimensional feel. In reality, you’ll be relying only on layer effects like contour, inner glow, and stroke. As a result, you’ll have a dynamic and enjoyable effect with a realistic texture.

Whimsical Comic Book Effect

This text style is an inspiration form comic book texts. Words like “WHAM!” “BAM!!” and the like are often used in comic book bubbles. All endowed in rich and vibrant yellows and reds, these texts create a sense of urgency.

The style’s selling point are these bright yellows and reds, but the red dots are way more evocative of comic book art providing the finishing touch. This effect demonstrates how tiny and sometimes not so subtle elements may produce particularly striking appearances.

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Displaced Text Effect

Taking different layering styles from other designers is yet another approach to get great text effects in Photoshop. Designers and skilled Photoshop users are always coming up with new and awesome ideas to produce fascinating text effects and type styles. Displaced text is one such type.

This is a straightforward method with promising both finesse and a modern look. Simply clip off sections of the text and shift them around till it has a pleasing disconnected look. After that apply certain effects to make the text look more displace and chunkier.

Conclusion All in all, with these neat text effect options, we hope you can select your pick or combine two variations. We reckon these slick text effects are the best thing you can get your hands on. Since, all businesses these days from the youngest startup to the oldest corporate firm – everyone understands how visually impactful brand is a Plus several great animation services are offering them too – and at pretty affordable rates to boot! You can easily integrate them on your logo or website and grab your potential viewer’s attention in an instant. With that there’s no time to lose, start working on these slick tips now!

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