10 Latest Hoodies Trends to Wear In 2022

10 Latest Hoodies Trends to Wear In 2022

What is your thinking about the fashion industry and the trends that come and go? Most people when asked this question have a similar answer as they say that the fashion industry is highly competitive and things come and go very quickly. But if we tell you that there have been many fashionable items or attire that have stayed for a long time. And what if we tell you that there are trendy items that are still available in the market and their introduction was approximately a decade ago? Custom apparel is also one of the longest staying trends in the world.

And there is another thing that has stayed in the industry for long and that’s hoodies. In today’s world, hoodies have been termed as one of the trendiest outfits for winters. They are cool, stylish, and versatile. It can be fitted in every occasion, all you need to do is pick the right contrast as well as pair. So, if you have problems in bringing both these things together- here we have 10 trends of hoodies that you can flaunt in 2022.

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Pairing it with maxi skirt

Ladies, this one’s for you! If you are amongst the boldest of women in the world, it wouldn’t be a problem to try out something new. And if you are up for it, try pairing a maxi skirt with a hood. The accessories that you wish to choose will depend on you completely but the attire can be the one that we have suggested to you. It is an interesting combination and you can pick a floor-length skirt which will be quite impressive. 

The design of the hoodies, contrast, and the skirt- we leave it upon you to decide which one will suit you the most.

Pullover hoodies with denims

This one’s for the hunks who wish to look their best with minimal efforts. Yes, you heard that right! You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to get the desired outcome from this attire because it will automatically be a good one for you. All you need to do is pair a pullover hoodie with denims, aviators, and sneakers. This can be the best pick for a party or a casual day with friends. 

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The entire attire does not become too loud and you will be able to carry it easily. So what are you waiting for? Go get your color combination for the attire right.

Over a dress

For ladies who want to wear a dress for a party but it looks a bit too simple- try putting a pullover on the top. Yes, you heard that right! Because it is not us but the fashion experts who have given this style statement to the people. You can pick a dress like a long gown with less flares or something else of your choice- maybe a formal dress but you can pair it with a hoodie to give a completely different look to it. Say what? Are you ready to catch attention already? 

Simply with formal straight pants

This one might be only restricted to the females who want to create a fashion statement in their workplace or amongst their friends. If you want to do that, we suggest you park formal straight pants with a hoodie. Now this fashion comes under custom apparel because you are picking a few things that are completely opposite of what they speak of. During the initial days; when formals were invented, people didn’t think of it turning into a semi-casual attire. But now you can turn it into informal attire completely. With the right pair of shoes and pants and a hoodie on the top. Does this sound perfect? Looks like a sundae of attire.

T-shirt with zip-up hoodies

In this we are not much concerned with what you are wearing in the bottom wear but more of the topwear. You can wear whatever you feel like for your bottom and footwear. But in this attire we suggest you pair a t-shirt custom with zip-up hoodie. At times when you wish to flaunt your t-shirt you can simply open the zip a bit and it will be a good-to-go thing for you. Whereas this attire is also known to be a perfect warming attire. How you may ask? Think of it this way, when you step out of your house it might be cold you can zip up the hoodie but when you are in a restaurant or in your car- it will be warm and you can simply pull down the zip.

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Hoodies with shorts

For those who want to wear a hoodie during mild winters or monsoon- we say that you can pair your hoodie with shorts. And this is not just an attire but a style statement that has been followed by many celebs and famous personalities- if you have a doubt for that. But the fact also remains undisturbed that hoodies with shorts are a perfect match for your athletics. If you are a runner or something else.

With jogging pants

Okay, we have already discussed this many times that jogging pants are like a “go-to” attire element that can be worn with anything. And if you want to create a style statement with your joggers then we say you pair a hoodie with them. If you are going for a run, even then you can try out this attire. And don’t be shy to try out this in a party. Just show others that you want to try something new and comfort is your preference.

Crewneck sweatshirts with basketball shorts

You might have seen athletes- players of football and basketball wearing “basketball shorts” with simple hoodies. Now wearing a custom hoodie is going to be your pick but we suggest that it should be in contrast. Whatever you wear should be iconic and that will happen if you are confident in what you are wearing. This attire will surely be a wonderful, trend-setter but you can try other styles if crewneck is not your type.

A loose and comfortable hoodie with baggy pants

A loose and comfortable hoodie with baggy pants is a complete attire in itself where people can enjoy the comfort and looks. You will not have to compromise on any of these components because we believe all of it is important for you. And we would not suggest that you should take a hit on any of these. Baggy pants also known as cargo pants are quite comfortable and their material is also skin friendly to a great extent. 

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One piece and a hoodie

We have already discussed pairing a hoodie with a long dress but what about a one piece? Maybe a frock or something. If you wish to explore the styling options that are available in the market for you, then we would suggest that you go for a one-piece and a hoodie- combination. It surely will make you a star and a differently dressed person in a party and if the color combination with your accessory choices go right- it will be a win-win situation for you.


If you do not want to try, miss and match, or carry out options, then we have listed some of the best and easiest to understand, carry, and stylish ways to wear hoodies. Apart from what we have mentioned, if you want to try out something new- go for a different color or style. Also, there is a huge variety in hoodie design that’s available in the market. You can look in the online or offline marketplaces for the same. We believe you will get a good option for yourself if you look extensively. And if nothing works out, the option of choosing one of ours will always be there. 

By Hammad Hassan

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