10 Ways Microsoft SharePoint Can Help Your Business Prosper

10 Ways Microsoft SharePoint Can Help Your Business Prosper

Every small business aims to grow into a large corporation. Then there comes a point where on-the-fly file management is no longer viable. Yes, as soon as a company expands, documents begin to disappear, and even changes are lost as email attachments. We agree that sharing documents on third-party and external platforms could be more convenient, but it isn’t fully safe and may expose you to GDPR risks.

So, if you are unsure of where to go next when your enterprise outgrows from its existing system, then your ideal go-to solution could be Microsoft SharePoint. So, let’s look at what MS SharePoint is and what are the advantages of adopting it, what it can provide for your company, and how it can help your business in growth.

A Quick Overview of Microsoft SharePoint

Simply said, SharePoint is a Microsoft software service that provides enterprises with highly configurable and dynamic data storage and retrieval capabilities. It also functions as an intranet, allowing a group to access, upload, share, edit and fetch data, files, and other types of content.

It also allows management to customize portals for every department and build news feeds to efficiently communicate within and outside the organization. In addition, rather than using folder-based DMS (document management systems), almost all of the content can be shared with other employees via URLs. SharePoint may be used in a variety of ways, making it an excellent addition to many small businesses as well.

Furthermore, SharePoint Online is the most widely used version of the software, as it is included in many Microsoft 365 license bundles. Its best feature is that it provides up to 1TB of safe cloud storage for data collection.

Businesses that seek to host their data on the cloud servers offered by local IT companies or on-site. SharePoint Server is also available to them. This web-based collaborative platform, in either form, is extremely popular and versatile.

According to Microsoft and GitHub Studies, SharePoint is used by almost 85 % of Fortune 500 Enterprises, and there are more than 10 million SharePoint sites have already been created, indicating that it is being one of the most sought-after software programs. As of 1029, around 250 000 enterprises agreed to find MS SharePoint extremely efficient and helpful in their everyday business operations and agreed to use it as a DMS, CMS, intranet, enterprise-level collaboration system, and also for business process automation.

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SharePoint’s flexibility is the sole factor that makes it adaptable to practically any size and nature of business. It’s not just for large corporations; but equally feasible for small businesses. One can also tackle common data management challenges, internal communication, and data security concerns issued resulting due to a self-contained SharePoint environment.

How Can MS SharePoint Benefit Your Business?

The fact that Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based collaborative platform is the primary reason why so many businesses are adopting it. This means that it can be accessed from anywhere.

Apart from that, another significant advantage of adopting Microsoft SharePoint is that it gives you access to everything that comes with the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. But then there’s the question of whether that’s all that it is there for. Is this the only reason why so many businesses use it? So, the answer is NO! Because there is a lot more that you can use SharePoint for.

Here are some significant ways that Microsoft SharePoint can assist your company in thriving and prospering in today’s competitive environment.

1. Provides A Streamlined & Consistent User Experience

Because SharePoint is a Microsoft product, it is tightly integrated with the Microsoft apps that your employees use daily, such as MS Word and MS Excel. This also shows how users interact with data and how procedures like document approval and review processes, signature collection, data analytics, reporting, task management, and performance are streamlined.

SharePoint development is part of MS Office 365; therefore, your company will require an account to use it. It means that any Microsoft apps and software you already have or add to your Office 365 account, such as MS Office, will provide you with a seamless experience across the business, because everyone in your company will be using the same, and most updated version of Microsoft’s products.

2. Encourages Remote Access & Employee Mobility

As employees increasingly demand for fast access to important business applications from any place, at any time, and using any device, enterprises began to adopt remote connectivity and mobile access option. This trend has brought the bring-your-own-device drives into foreplay.

This is exactly what SharePoint does. Yes, SharePoint Online and SharePoint Mobile allow users to access company data from all over the world simply by using their mobile devices. Not only that, but it is also possible to collaborate with employees when they are not in the office. It simply implies that the documents can be viewed, edited, and reviewed on any device, anytime that is suitable for them.

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3. Makes it Simple to Collect Vital Business Data

SharePoint allows for more efficient use of information. The reason for this is because of its intelligent electronic forms, which allow us to collect data from business associates, suppliers, and customers using a simple internet interface. The integrated validation criteria ensure that the collected data is accurate and consistent, and the direct link with back-end systems eliminates the risks of mechanical data entry errors.

Forms in MS SharePoint include event registrations and expense reports. The forms can be customized and range in complexity from simple to extensive. Simple forms can capture the basic information/data that a business needs, whereas complicated forms can play a critical role in large-scale corporate processes.

4. Assists Employees In Making Well-Informed Decisions

SharePoint’s dynamic business intelligence portals collect project-sensitive data from a variety of sources and present it in a user-friendly and convenient format, such as graphs and dashboards, that later workers can use to make better business decisions. Furthermore, users can quickly create and submit customized views, as well as create and publish content for approval.

5. Encourages Collaboration

Another noteworthy feature is how it promotes collaboration and teamwork. It serves as a central portal that allows the complete workforce to communicate effectively with each other. This functionality, on the other hand, is highly beneficial for enterprises with remote geographical locations.

There was a time when geographically dispersed subsidiaries were cut off from the rest of the business, but SharePoint, by encouraging a collaborative culture and creativity, brings everybody together while allowing them to interact all the time.

It provides a shared space to drive debates through discussion and forum boards by making a firm’s metrics and goals available to all employees, whether it is used as an intranet portal or as a document management solution.

6. Assists in Meeting Regulatory Requirements

One can assure that sensitive company data is successfully controlled by decreasing the risk of litigation to their firm, notably by adopting security, storage, and audit practices along with the subsequent compliance regulations.

SharePoint also provides peace of mind by allowing users to protect files from illegal access. Employee permissions can be regulated at the folder and document level, and the cloud-hosted data can be encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

7. Makes Content Discovery Faster

Consider the times when you want to see documents before your co-workers are aware that you need to see them. SharePoint is incredibly effective in making this possible. There are a few approaches to make it happen with SharePoint Intranet.

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The first is through your document portal, which uses machine learning technology to identify the content that is most relevant to you. Aside from that, there’s intelligent content targeting by content producers, which allows you to publish news pieces to specific audiences such as places, departments, jobs, or groups. The final option is to use the advanced search, which allows you to rapidly find what you’re looking for.

8. Customization

As needed, staff can customize and build pages. It is designed to be edited by end users, giving the team a sense of control over their digital workspace.

Not only that, but students can also make their own decisions on how to create, modify, and change their work. In nature, the pages are completely WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

This means that knowing ‘how to code?’ isn’t required to create web pages. They work similarly to a fresh word processing document. It is, without a doubt, a fantastic tool to handle workflows and information.

9. Security

Without a question, data security is one of the most critical factors for any company. And it’s for this reason that IT teams genuinely love SharePoint: it has simple-to-build secure boundaries around content levels.

Despite the fact that information access is restricted based on requirements and job roles, all company information can be stored on the intranet.

Also, the material is held within the intranet, it is not available to regular internet users and is not even searchable, and requires authorized credentials to access. And, even after being determined during setup, these security levels can be adjusted as the needs of the business evolve.

10. Security Protocols & Recordkeeping

As we all know, organizations must properly monitor their retained data, because data protection requirements become more stringent around the world. SharePoint may also be used to manage personal data efficiently and securely, which is one of its strongest advantages.

For example, documents can be stored with expiration dates. However, ensure that you are fully aware of your legal duties for data transmission and storage, as well as the way SharePoint will manage data by default in the absence of custom programming.

Concluding Thoughts

So far, we’ve seen a variety of examples of how Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful platform that may benefit your business in a variety of ways. As a result, adjust it to your business and soar to new heights! Connect with Code Creators Inc. and get your customized SharePoint platform developed from scratch.

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