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10 Ways to Educate Myself without Attending a Class


Many students do not want to go to school or college, and the reasons behind it are many. Some people do not feel comfortable studying around others, while some are years behind their age group in school. We cannot simply count the reasons behind not going to school. So is it the end of a student’s academic journey, if they stop going to school? No. Technology has made a lot of things possible for us today, and students now can educate themselves without attending school.  

After the event of the covid-19, many students tend to learn through self-regulated ways. It turned the time into skills necessary era, and degrees become worthless. This article will offer the top 10 ways to educate yourself without attending a class. So if you have decided to become a self-regulated student, read this blog carefully. Perhaps this blog will become a source of self-education for you.

The Top 10 Ways for Self-Regulated Studies without Attending School

Perhaps you never figured out what you really want from a school. What degree should you pursue, majors to pick, supervisors to choose from, and so on? People who choose self-learning over school life do it for many reasons. It is hard to identify a generic reason why most students educate themselves without attending a class. The reasons may vary from person to person.

You might have seen students enrolling in online courses more than standard campus degree programs. It happens because the future may consist of only online learning because it is flexible, cheaper, and environmental-friendly. However, if you think so, it is not an easy way of learning. Many people suffer to complete their online courses and ask their friends or family to pay to do my online class. Therefore, if you think any of the self-learning ways would be easier than attending a class, you are wrong. 

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Besides, let’s get to the point of showing you the top 10 ways to educate yourself. If you are too curious to learn new skills without attending a class, the ways below can help you. So, ensure to read till the end and apply the ways below accordingly in your routine.

Online Courses

There is no doubt that the best way to educate yourself in today’s world is through online courses. You can find online courses about nearly every academic topic. If you are unaware of the platforms that offer online courses, Udemy and Coursera are two of the best. Many well-known schools from all around the globe offer their online degree program and specialization courses on these platforms.

Moreover, online courses are not just an ideal way to self-learn, they also get you a certificate on completion. It means you can show your skills through your certificates to an employer. Therefore, online courses can boost the worth of your CV, alongside helping you develop new skills. However, if you want to develop a new skill, you must complete your online courses by yourself. So do not be that student who asks their friends or family to hire online class help for me to earn a certificate.

Personal Tutor

Hiring a personal tutor is an excellent way to educate yourself without attending a class. Most students study privately and learn the vital skills to survive today. It helps students who do not like to study in the presence of others.

Internship Programs

What if you get a chance to educate yourself alongside earning professional work experience in a single place? If so, start finding internship programs near you. Today, many firms offer remote internship programs to people all around the globe. These programs can teach you essential work skills with educating you.  

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Reading Books

You may find reading a book an odd-boring thing. However, reading books is one of the best ways to educate yourself. If you have the right books, you can learn everything without attending a school or college.

Expanding your Network

Making friends and connecting with new people is an amusing way to educate yourself and learn new things. Whenever you connect with a new person, they share their experience and define skills that help you educate.

Watch Informative Content

The internet is all you need to educate yourself, as it has an immeasurable amount of informative content. Thus, instead of browsing the internet for shopping and playing games, start using it to watch informative content. Nothing can help you educate yourself better than the internet.

Challenge Yourself

One of the biggest obstacles in the self-learning journey is the thought of giving up. It is true that many students decide to educate themselves and leave school but cannot stick to their path. It happens because they do not have anyone to supervise them. This way, if they face any difficulty learning something, they just give up. So if you want to educate yourself properly without attending a class, challenge your limits.

Listen to Senior Citizens

Sometimes, you learn many things and get unique information through a person, not books or the internet. Sitting with senior citizens and listening to their life stories is an ideal way to get the knowledge you may never find anywhere else.

Join Online Academic Forums

There are dozens of online academic forums available on the web that can help you educate yourself. If you are curious about these platforms, they work like social media. Perhaps you know about Reddit, Pinterest, ResearchGate, Google Classroom, etc. These platforms contain thousands of academic threads you can go through to educate yourself.

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YouTube Is Your Best Teacher

The benefit to study from YouTube is that it is one-third time faster than campus learning, time-efficient, and cost-free. It offers immense flexibility and helps you develop new skills quickly. So start using YouTube for learning purposes instead of listening to songs or watching video logs.


Undeniably, today’s students are lucky that they can educate themselves without going to school or college. The internet has everything you need to develop new skills and never stop learning. We hope you will find a suitable way to educate yourself without attending a class.

Dario Smith