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11 Top Vinyl Flooring Patterns Selection Guide

Choosing the ideal wall or vinyl flooring pattern for your room is only one step in the design process.The true craftsmanship is seen in the LVT design you select, regardless of whether you’ve decided on an abstract or wood appearance. Denver flooring store provide you with the best options and advice to add value to your house through elegant flooring options. 

You may choose a wide range of flooring designs, each of which will give your room a very different appearance and feel. Perhaps you were going to install marble tiles in a traditional offset pattern, but you’ve now decided that a weaving pattern would work better to accomplish your desired design aesthetic. While Parterre’s selection of high-end vinyl planks and tiles may be laid in many flooring patterns devoid of requiring any additional cuts, it’s crucial to comprehend the meaning behind each style as you construct your next area.

Here is a list curated with amazing designs and patterns to style your home with vinyl flooring. Let’s dive in and explore various designs that suit the aesthetics and vibe of your house

  1. Grid

This flooring pattern arrangement, also known as stack bond, has all the horizontal and vertical points continually aligned. A universal design that works with both square and rectangle-shaped tiles and planks is a grid pattern.

  1. Stagger

A combination of tiles or boards on opposite sides of a midline makes up this design. Additionally perfect for two- or three-color variants is this vinyl flooring pattern. Not only the LVT staggered layout is significant. Vinyl flooring that is spaced apart maintains the floor’s structural integrity and lowers the possibility of problems like warping, splitting, or bowing planks.

  1. Offset 
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The offset pattern, often called a running bond, is another common design that works with both planks and tiles. It has an offset by half the width of the planks or tile. Traditionally, this is done with rectangle-shaped tiles, but for a more modern look, you could also use planks.

  1. Diagonal 

This offset design for tiles or planks is positioned at a 45-degree angle. Even though it differs somewhat from an offset arrangement, a diagonal arrangement gives a room depth and a distinct viewpoint.

  1. Weave 

A weave vinyl flooring pattern, often called a basket weave, provides a variety of woven-style options that work well with rectangular tiles and provide the impression of movement inside a designated area.

  1. Herringbone 

This timeless flooring pattern elevates your design with its resemblance to fish scales. This pattern should not be mistaken with a herringbone pattern that calls for the creation of unique flooring cuts. Select a rectangle or plank-style tile for optimal results. Other than flooring you can go for fancy carpets from wholesale carpet Denver.

  1. Soldier 

Using rectangular tiles or planks, this design is a vertically grid or stack. For a playful design variant, try switching up the orientation of the tiles.The soldier floor design may be made in two distinct methods. The very first thing is a consistent look. You will put the rectangular pieces exactly in line with one another to produce a consistent appearance. Both the horizontal and vertical alignment of the rectangular parts is required.

An alternative design that you might make is a military variant. The pieces will be alternated in the soldier version. Your floor design will become somewhat more three-dimensional as a result.

  1. Flemish bond
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This pattern, which may be created with one or two color modifications, is composed of alternating square and rectangular tiles. Because two different tile sizes complement this pattern beautifully.

  1. Corridor 

This is a variant of the grid flooring design, where rows are placed in between to break up the typical grid pattern. Use a rectangle tile or even a premium vinyl plank product to create the arrangement you want.

  1. Quarter Turn

For luxury vinyl tiles, this pattern works best when the initial tile is positioned in either orientation, and the subsequent tile is quarter-turned by 90 degrees before being put next to it. This is particularly useful for designs that are linear or have distinctive patterns. 

  1. Random

A random pattern is essentially a series of planks or tiles arranged in an arbitrary sequence to create a design. This style is adaptable and works well with a single product or several different color schemes.

To effectively display the flooring design you’ve selected for your business or interior design project, you’ll need a premium vinyl product that can endure heavy usage. Parterre offers luxury vinyl flooring that is long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and resilient for any interior area.