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13 Things Not To Do In Cambodia

Volunteer work in Cambodia can be a great way to help out while making some great friends. There are many opportunities for volunteers to work in different fields, and there is also the added benefit of helping locals. However, there are a few things in Cambodia that you should definitely avoid.

Avoid Carrying Single Currency in Cambodia

Volunteering in Cambodia can be a great way to help someone in need. However, if you’re carrying one of the many single currencies present in the country, it’s essential to be careful about your spending. 

Don’t Go For Elephant Rides in Cambodia

Don’t go for elephant rides in Cambodia. The animals are often malnourished and have a lot to deal with on their long walks from the farm to the circus.

Avoid Drinking Tap Water in Cambodia

There are many health concerns associated with drinking water in Cambodia, including the potential for illnesses from fecal coliform bacteria, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and other toxins. 

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Avoid Feeding Or Giving Money To The Beggars in Cambodia

In 2013, the Cambodian government introduced a new policy called “Feeding The Hungry,” which encourages people to give money to the needy instead of feeding them.

Do Not Disrespect Monks in Cambodia

Do not disrespect monks in Cambodia. These men are icons of the country, and their guidance is essential for students and locals alike. Respect them for their time and work, and you will be teaching your children a valuable lesson.

 Don’t Take Your Skin For Granted in Cambodia

Don’t take your skin for granted in Cambodia. The country is a hot and humid place with a high prevalence of skin cancer.

Don’t Rely Totally On the Internet in Cambodia

Cambodia’s reliance on the internet has resulted in a rise in cybercrime and a lack of security.

Despite this, many people in Cambodia believe that the internet is a necessary evil that should be used responsibly.

Strolling Casually Into The Temples Isn’t Allowed in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the most religiously devout countries in the world, and many people take the opportunity to visit its temples while remaining lightly religious.

Don’t Neglect Hygiene in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country with many challenges. One of the key challenges in the country is hygiene. This is particularly true in rural locations, where inadequate infrastructure and infection control are two of the main issues.

Avoid Clicking Pictures Of Food in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country where food is a big part of the culture. Some people enjoy looking at pictures of food to help them imagine what it would taste like.

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Don’t Touch Someone’s Head Or Show Feet To Them in Cambodia

Cambodia is a land of vast jungles and rivers, which makes it an ideal place to live. 

Despite the taboo, many people in Cambodia do enjoy some form of contact with others.

Avoid Dressing Immodestly in Cambodia

Don’t dress modestly in Cambodia. The country is known for its welcoming and hospitable atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean people are always happy to see you.

Don’t Forget Your Etiquettes in Cambodia

Cambodians are well-known for their friendly and welcoming personalities but don’t forget your etiquette when visiting the country. Etiquette in Cambodia can be very strict, so be sure to follow the rules!