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2019 Jobs – five Jobs that did not exist ten Years past


What did you wish to be after you were a kid? Defender, movie star, princess, and teacher area unit are all common decisions once we’re kids.

Little did we all know that we have a tendency https://www.smartjobsspk.com/ to tear there have been} cool and fascinating jobs that hadn’t even been fabricated for America to consider! As we progress in our society and technologically, we’d like to create new jobs to handle all of that progress and follow the trends.

The 5 jobs during this post either did not exist or barely existed within the past of the first 2000s. Keep reading to be told more!

1. Food Truck organizer

Food truck business and food trucks generally aren’t a spanking new idea, however, the explosion in quality is. It’s calculable that from 2011 to 2017, the business has grown by nearly eight p.c every single year leading America to 2019 wherever the food truck business has an associate degree calculable total revenue of $1 billion.

Because of this large increase in food trucks, the career of food truck organizer has emerged. kind of like an occurrence planner or hardware, a food truck organizer is usually answerable for a variety of tasks, including:

Booking food trucks for events

Scheduling food truck business

Event designing for parties, festivals, gatherings, and more

Advertising/marketing their events

Organizing certifications, paperwork, and alternative legal food truck laws

Ensuring payment for food truck operators

2. Social Media Manager


In 2009, Facebook was a mere five years recent with regarding one hundred fifty million users, LinkedIn had fifty-five million users, Twitter was barely used, and Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest did not even exist yet! Compare that to monthly users now: Facebook has two.37 billion, Instagram boasts one billion, and Twitter has 330 million.

In 2009, social media actually existed, however it did not have the dimensions or impact it currently. As the years have gone on, businesses have begun to perceive the large impact and chance that social media will wear revenue and traffic.

Social media managers analyze and run business social media pages on any and every powerful platform. They need to craft fascinating and fascinating posts to achieve an excellent complete name, drive traffic to alternative channels, and even influence sales all whereas staying up to now on the most recent social media trends, memes, and news!

3. Skilled YouTube

What began as a little website for posting cat videos and other people falling on skateboards has currently become the second hottest social media platform with one.9 billion monthly users that generate associate degree calculable $16 billion p.a.

Thanks to the large audiences and firms’ solicitation for YouTube advertisements and influencer selling campaigns, in style YouTube content creators will build a career in making videos. As an example, the favored vlogger (“video blogger”) Lilly Singh brought in associate degree calculable $10.5 million in 2018 because of her large audience of thirteen million subscribers.

4. Drone Operator

As with social media and food trucks, drones are not brand-new inventions. However, as technology has improved, additional advanced drone area units are being employed for a variety of applications.

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Think about this: in 2009, there have been solely 146 drone permits within us. Not many, if any, opportunities to create a career out of flying drones.

Now, accept the expansion the business has seen: in 2018, the drone market had an associate degree calculable worth of $14.2 billion. By 2024, it’s calculable that that range can nearly triple up to $43.1 billion.

All of this growth within the drone business suggests that there is a large demand for certified and skilled drone operators. From filmmaking to military use to disaster relief to package delivery, there are a unit all styles of positions obtainable for “drone operator” to be thought of as a true career.

5. Uber Driver

While it’d not be as exciting as operational a drone, operational a vehicle will currently pay the bills. Uber was based in March of 2009; Uber is currently valued at $72 billion and employs over three million drivers!

While the typical driver solely makes $350 per month, some say that they will live entirely off of driving individuals around!