3 Reasons For A Lifelong Healthy Diet

3 Reasons for a Lifelong Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

From our early years responsible parents have stressed the importance of a healthy diet, having sweets as treats only and not over consuming fatty foods or those with high salt and sugar contents. As we grow older, we begin to understand the true value of a healthy diet in terms of being at our best for school and then our working lives. Occasionally it can be easy to fall into bad eating habits such as binging on chocolate and crisps when watching a movie or relying on ready meals after an exhausting day at work. However, the importance of lifelong healthy eating cannot be overstressed. Here are just three of the key reasons why you should aim to eat a healthy balanced diet for life.

1. You can avoid serious health problems

As we get older, we are more at risk of serious illnesses. One such example is the increasing risk of strokes. The blood vessels to the brain can become blocked with fatty deposits causing a reduction in the supply of oxygen to the brain or can rupture causing bleeding on the brain. Stroke survivors may find that they suffer from difficulties swallowing as a result of this condition and may require assistance when eating or the need for food and beverage thickening products such as SimplyThick Easy Mix to allow them to consume food and drink more safely and effectively. Whilst there are numerous factors that make a person susceptible to stroke, having a poor diet that is high in saturated fats is known to be a key factor. A high fat diet may make blockages in the brain blood vessels more likely. In addition, high fat diets can lead to elevated levels of cholesterol in the body which can also be key factors in raising the likelihood of having certain heart conditions such as angina or even a heart attack. These are just two reasons why it is of vital importance to have a low fat healthy balanced diet.

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2. You can control your weight

Eating a balanced and healthy diet over the course of your lifetime makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight. When your diet includes a regular mix of fruit and vegetables your body receives the essential vitamin and minerals it needs, and a balanced diet allows the body to function at its best. By maintaining a healthy body weight exercise is significantly easier and you will find that you can do higher intensity physical activity without becoming exhausted as easily. Having a suitable body weight for your age and height will also make you feel less tired and can improve your mood in general.

3. Increase your life expectancy

One key benefit for lifelong healthy eating is that it can actually prolong your life. A recent study showed that a diet that was high in fruit and vegetables improved the life expectancy of women in their 70’s. Other studies have shown that a diet that is low in meat products can extend your life.

Clearly a diet that complements the body and minds nutritional needs allows us to function at our best and this is why the importance of a healthy balanced diet cannot be underestimated.

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