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3 Tips for Enhancing Your Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience
Digital Customer Experience

Is your business’s online presence making customers’ shopping experience better?

Roughly 80 percent of American consumers turn to the internet when they need to buy a product or service. As a business owner, it doesn’t matter whether you’re doing business online or offline, your business needs to offer an impeccable digital customer experience.

Why? You ask. In a competitive marketplace, acquiring a customer can come down to whose business is offering the best online experience.

So, then, what can you do to improve the digital experiences of your customers? Read on for expert insight.

1. Ensure Your Website Ticks All the Boxes

Your business website is your primary digital platform, especially if you’re in ecommerce. It’s like your physical office, but domiciled on the web.

As such, the quality of your website can make or break a customer’s digital experience. If it doesn’t load quickly or isn’t mobile-friendly, for example, a customer can browse away. The design must be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate; otherwise, a user can get frustrated and impatient.

Website security is another important factor. At a time when online hackers are penetrating websites and stealing confidential data at an alarming rate, no consumer wants to put their personal and financial data at risk. If customers are to trust your site, it must have HTTPS encryption, as well as a customer data protection policy.

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The gist of this is that you must hire a professional to design and develop your business website. If you take the DIY route, you’ll end up with a website that offers users a poor experience.

2. Maintain Brand Consistency Across Digital Platforms

Between your website, social media networks, and business listing directors, your business will build a presence on multiple online platforms. This is a good thing as it helps expand your online presence, but it can also pose major challenges when you want to improve your online customer experience.

The biggest challenge is ensuring your business maintains a brand identity across all those platforms. If a customer visits your Facebook and Twitter pages, for example, and they’re not sure whether it’s the same business, they’ll likely report a negative experience.

Ensure your business name, logo, color palette, and other visual elements of your brand are identical on the various platforms on which your business has a presence. You can hire a graphic design service to help you do that.

3. Your Business Needs Online Reviews

Almost all consumers who shop online read online reviews before making a purchase or visiting a local store. These reviews give your business social proof, which forms a big part of its digital experience. If your business doesn’t have any reviews, a new customer has no reason to believe it actually exists.

That aside, strive to ensure your business gets many positive reviews. If the negative reviews outnumber the positive ones, the online reputation of your business will suffer. Not many customers will want to do business with you.

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If possible, make use of the services of an online reputation management service.

Offer the Best Digital Customer Experience

Online shopping has become the order of the day. But as more businesses go online, the modern consumer is becoming choosier. They want to do business with companies offering the best digital customer experience.

Use these tips to enhance customer experience on the web, and keep tabs on our blog for more helpful tips.

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