3 Top Reasons to Purchase a Humidifier This Year

Cold and allergy season is an absolute bummer, and nothing makes it worse than a dry room to aggravate your symptoms. Dry nasal passages, a heavy cough, and congested sinus passages need humidity in order to lubricate the passages and break up the phlegm. Dry air can be brutal on cold symptoms. The more moisture you can introduce into your sinus passages, the easier it will be to breathe easily and get rid of your congestion. By far the most frustrating part of having a cold is the inability to blow your nose effectively when you know that is a vital aspect of getting your body on the mend. An ultrasonic mist humidifier is no match for a dry throat and blocked sinus passages. A humidifier creates humidity in the air that allows you to breathe more fully and can be a game changer when you’re fighting off pesky symptoms. Humidifiers come with an extensive resume of benefits beyond just cold and allergy season support. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a list of the top reasons you need a humidifier in your life this year. 

  1. Humidifiers can be an excellent beauty product.

Bad skin is one of the top factors that can lead to not feeling confident in a look. Any woman will tell you that if they are struggling with dry or bumpy skin, their makeup doesn’t go on smoothly. Many women will even say that they could have all the makeup and quality outfits in the world, but if they’re struggling with bad skin, it can be hard to feel confident. Good skin starts with ensuring that it is not cracking or drying out. Moisturized and hydrated skin is the number one ingredient to healing. Skin that has moisture locked in also helps makeup and other skin care products go on more smoothly. Kendall Jenner actually named an ultrasonic mist humidifier as one of her favorite beauty products. By using a humidifier as a supplement for extra moisture, you are taking the opportunity to nourish your skin and enhance all of your looks, both with or without makeup on. 

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2. Humidifiers can help achieve better sleep.

There’s nothing worse than having a bad night’s sleep. People who live in dry climates around the country often complain that they experience poor sleep because of their dry nasal passages. Dry nasal passages can often lead to snoring. Snoring has chronically kept people from achieving excellent sleep, as the sound, vibrations, and general discomfort can startle them awake throughout the night. If the air does not have enough moisture, sleep apnea, snoring, and discomfort can become prevalent in a person’s nightly sleep. By using an ultrasonic mist humidifier, people are taking their power back and claiming the full night’s rest they crave and deserve. Lubricate those nasal passages along with your throat, and you’ll be noticing a huge difference in no time when it comes to achieving a good night’s rest. Not to mention, the act of filling up your humidifier can be a relaxing, self-care part of your evening that is sure to become a new favorite part of your nightly routine. 

0. Humidifiers can be a great aid in eliminating cold and allergy symptoms.

Did you know that studies show that the influenza virus’s infectivity rates are significantly less in environments that have higher humidity? Pesky cold and flu season is just around the corner, and now more than ever in this Covid era of history, people are looking for natural preventatives to start adding to their regimen to stay healthy and keep from getting sick. In the case of many people, they have found relief in using an ultrasonic mist humidifier at night while they sleep. Humidity is great in preventing dry nasal passages and breaking down nasal congestion. For those who have a cough, humidifiers can aid in making it easier for them the breathing as well as not leaving their throat as dry. For a baby who is struggling with congestion, many moms and dads will put a humidifier in their child’s room while they sleep so they can have some congestive relief. Breaking up that mucus and not letting it dry and block your passages is a key aspect of cold and allergy care. There are also so many essential oils out there that help in shutting down cold symptoms. Luckily, many humidifiers have a tray to put oils in so you can diffuse these antibacterial oils while simultaneously getting the benefits from quality air control. 

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By Hammad Hassan

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