4 Advantages of Using Stand Up Pouches Packaging

stand up pouches packaging

Besides being too expensive, imitation rigid packaging wastes space, has a limited shelf impact, and increases shipping costs. Another major threat is product spoilage, along with broken glass and dented tins when shipping or storing.

Changing to flexible packaging is a good idea, particularly stand up pouches packaging. In addition to their great visual appeal, airtight pouches provide great product protection, are space-saving, reduce shipping costs, and support environmental conservation efforts. The following are some smart reasons why you should consider Kraft paper stand up pouch for flexible packaging.

1. Protecting against spoilage 

Moisture and oxygen can damage a large number of consumer products. The moisture in a package can cause products such as soap to lather up long before the user gets the chance to use them. In addition to becoming stale and dry, food can lose its flavor and even develop mold over time. It is essential that the packaging you use for perishable items protects and preserves them.

Stand up pouches packaging excel in this situation. As a result of its construction and ability to protect products from damaging UV light, our collection provides the highest barrier protection. You can also find multilayered poly bags that are naturally water-resistant and air-tight. The Kraft paper stand up pouch, by contrast, provides moderate barrier protection with a natural appearance.

Furthermore, bespoke stand up pouches feature resealable zippers that maintain freshness and allow customers to conveniently reclose the bags after each use.

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2. Having a visible brand and self-promotion 

Just by their name, black kraft stand up pouches have one significant advantage. Due to their gusseted design, these products are able to stand on their own in the store and on the shelf of your customers.

By orienting the product upright, it creates its own billboard. When your pouch offers ample surface area for brand branding, the billboard effect scores point with your customers.

To provide full-barrier protection from sunlight, choose the foil-lined collection, which is available in natural or black kraft paper. The collection also features transparent windows, either rectangle windows or full windows that display the contents inside. Lastly, this collection allows customers to see them from all angles.

Your customers will appreciate how small your products take up in their pantry as well as the space-saving form factor.

3. Effective packaging at an affordable price

If you are not able to budget for the most secure and reliable packaging, it will not do you much good. The good news is that a black matte stand up pouch is not only more affordable to start with, but it can also save you a lot of money over time. This form of packaging requires less material and lends itself to mass production. In this way, you won’t have to spend as much as you would with traditional packaging. This approach is more cost-effective as you get a volume discount for larger orders.

4. An option that is sustainable

Companies that serve environmentally-conscious consumers are also becoming increasingly concerned about sustainability. Therefore, disposable overpackaging and non-sustainable products are a thing of the past.

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Stand up pouches packaging is the best choice if you care about the environment or how your customers feel about the environment. By manufacturing its zipper bags from recycled and or recyclable materials, it minimizes the overall environmental impact of your packaging.

Using these pouches means that you don’t use more packaging material than necessary due to their sheer efficiency and flexibility.  

Streamlining distribution and warehousing

In a relatively small space, black kraft stand up pouches can be stacked flat. Your distribution and warehousing costs will be reduced by having fewer pallets, which are easier to load and unload. Furthermore, stand up pouch bags are relatively lightweight, which reduces shipping truck fuel consumption (another sustainability benefit).

Your flexible product packaging needs can be met with stand up pouches packaging. It’s only a matter of finding the right source for these stand-up pouches now. Packaging Globe offer great discounts as well as fast, free, and efficient shipping on all stand up pouch orders across the US. Consider browsing their stand up packaging options today to place your first order.

Visit their official website, pick a style or design that seems perfect for your product, and get in touch with one of the sales team members. Provide dimensions to the staff member and they will quickly get back to you with free custom quotes in 24 hours.  

And that’s not all. You can seek their help if you need assistance with design, add-ons, material or style suggestions. Don’t forget to ask for free array of services the bespoke packaging supplier offer to their clients. You will be pleased to know that their minimum order quantity allows you to source as little as 100 pieces of stand up pouches. 

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