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4 exclusive features of level 3 plates in ballistic guards 

Ballistic guards perform the essential task of protecting the defendant from bullets. You can try level 3 plates in ballistic guards, which are efficient in dealing with fire, water, and of course bullets. The efficient mechanism of these guards can also deal with tough area management. 

Controlling the crowd in a dense yet critical situation becomes very tough and sometimes it crosses the limit. The public sometimes threw stones at the authority when the mood of the gathering becomes tough. Therefore, using ballistic guards can protect the authority from such things efficiently. 

The materials used in these guards are different and that is why they can protect you from pubic resistance as well as bullets. Most importantly, these guards can efficiently deal with riffles and prevent them to enter the cover. Therefore, these guards are highly recommended for authority use, especially cops. 

Most commonly, these guards are made of efficient quality material like polyethylene or ceramic, which stand for their toughness. Besides these materials, these plates are actually made of other materials like steel, kevlar, and others. All these materials made these platelets strong. 

Now, let’s understand the ideal weight of a guard to understand the process of protection. Approximately, the weight of the guard must be lay between 7.5 to 8.5 pounds. You can expect these guards in 12 inches, 15 inches, and other lengths. The size and shape of the guard depend on the purpose of using the guards. 

  • The best guards you can find in 1.5 kg and the size can vary from 25 cm to 30 cm. However, some companies provide customized bulletproof guards as per the need of their clients. 
  • As compared to ceramic guards, polyethylene guards are lighter and can be used under high pressure. 
  • As the weight of the guard gets lighter so you can expect more durability in these polyethylene guards. 
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Besides that, these guards efficiently handle all the material in their way, be it liquid, solid, or heat. These guards are efficient in combating the innocents during tough times. Therefore, the security forces use these guards to combat school shooting incidents. 

Now, you need to understand the features of these guards that are highly efficient to combat things. Moreover, these guards can efficiently deal with any circumstances without a fail. Therefore, the demand from the security force regarding these guards is always high. 

  1. Handle reside and debris 

During an attack, the bombers might fix some elements of destruction in a building or outside. Therefore, rapid action is demanded in that place to provide complete security to the residents and general public. However, using ballistic guards can efficiently handle residue and debris from any place. 

  • The force can easily take away people from the affected people using these guards. Moreover, these guards can deal with a liquid substance as they are waterproof. 
  • Sometimes factory accidents take a fatal position with the changing situations. Using these guards can efficiently deal with spillage of chemicals and prevent capital damages. 
  1. Handle temperature shock 

The security force is deployed in extreme situations without any precautions except the basics. Therefore, excessive changes in temperature can create shock in the preventive mechanisms. But not in ballistic guards as these guards are made to deal with these temperature shocks. 

  • The shape of these ballistic guards is exclusively designed to resist temperature shocks. Also, the material determines the preventive mechanism of these guards.
  • Ballistic guards made of ceramic can provide less protection from temper shock than polyethylene guards. The external mechanism of these guards also matter in the temperature resisting capacity. 
  1. Resist weather conditions
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Just like the temperature shock, weather condition also matters in preventive guards. Sometimes the security forces deploy in a very tough situation to provide security to the public. For instance, during floods, these guards are used to handle water stress and help the security personnel in relief work. 

  • In a hot climate, these guards will not expand or the quality will not degrade at all. Similarly, in cold temperatures, these guards can efficiently deal with snow and ice. 
  • Before reaching further, the material of the guard also fixes the capacity of weather resistance in these guards. Therefore, for the toughest areas, efficient quality ballistic guards are used. 
  1. Resist vibration 

Handling the vibration of the gun is very crucial in ballistic guards. You can expect a higher level of vibration if you are using riffles or other forms of guns. Hence, these ballistic guards can efficiently resist the vibration of the gun and provide a stable condition for the security personnel. 

Lastly, the efficient quality of ballistic guards can also prevent fungus growth in them. Sometimes resting the guards in stores can increase the chances of a fungal outbreak. But, in level 3, you cannot see any changes in the plates because of the fungus protection.