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4 Ideas for Efficiently Safe and Dry Ammo Can Storage

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Storing ammunition properly is important in preventing corrosion. Arguably, it is more important because, in the wrong environment, all of your bullets will corrode and become unusable.

We’re always searching for new and more efficient ways to organize our ammo and weaponry.

There are a few ammo can storage ideas you might not have come across yet. Read on if you want to learn more about ammo, storage, and how to make your airtight ammo cans even more beneficial to your organization.

1. Choosing an Appropriate Storage Container

Using an ammo can for storage is an efficient way to safely and effectively store ammunition. Ammo cans provide superior protection from corrosion and moisture, the two biggest enemies of ammunition. Ammo cans have a tight seal that stops dust and debris from entering, as well as keeping moisture out.

Ammo can also has airtight seals that reduce oxygen access and reduce the chances of a spark reaction. The ammo can has a carrying handle which makes it easy to move and carry it to and from a shooting range or other location.

2. Location Considerations

Regarding ammo can storage, safety and dryness should always be held in the highest consideration. Making sure your ammo can is secured in an area where children can’t access it and are away from sources of strong heat is important.

When it comes to an ammo storage location, you should store it in an area where it is easy to access, such as a closet or garage, yet out of sight and away from the elements.

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3. Organizing Options

When organizing and storing ammunition, efficiency and safety are key. A great way to do this is by using an ammo can. Ammo cans are designed to store ammunition safely and be moisture and dust-proof. For storing and sorting ammunition, a great option is to use color-coded stickers.

That way, you can easily find the ammunition you need. You can also organize by the type of ammunition, such as rifle, pistol, shotgun, or rim fire.

4. Maintenance Measures

Efficient and safe ammo can storage is essential for keeping your ammo cans secure and dry. Storing ammo cans far away from moisture and a source of heat is essential to prevent corrosion.

Additionally, make sure to keep them in a secured area or container, as keeping them unsecured or leaving them in the open is hazardous. Moving ammo cans in vehicles should be done carefully to protect them from jostling, which could potentially cause the accidental firing of the cartridges.

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Explore These Dry Ammo Can Storage Ideas

Proper ammo can storage is essential to ensure that ammo is kept safe and dry. With the right storage solutions, ammo can be stored efficiently, safely, and dry. Invest in quality storage containers, and mount them on a wall in an area with climate control.

Keep your ammunition safe and moisture free with these simple storage tips!

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