4 Thoughtful New Year Gifts For Your Employees

As the new year approaches, we are all eager to seize new opportunities and set new goals. Our employees form a major part of our everyday lives. From spending our Mondays to Fridays with them to chatting and having fun around tea time. Our colleagues and employees teach us about the importance of group work. 

As entrepreneurs and business heads, it is our responsibility to provide the best ambience and work culture. Our employees feel like home, only when they are treated like family. Just the way we end up surprising our loved ones with lovely gifts and praying for their good health and well being- lets surprise our employees with new year gifts and make them feel extra special. 

If you are puzzled about what to give your employees for this new year, or where to get a suitable new year gift for your staff- from new year flowers to gifts – we have your back. Without further delay, read the article curated with the best new year gifts for employees. 


Give a sweet start to your caring and trustworthy employees and staff members. This new year, instead of opting for the usual gift items, opt for something different that brings a thousand watt smile on the recipient’s face. Surprise your employees with a box of red velvet or rainbow cupcakes. You can also opt for fruit cakes, which are widely loved and available in the month of December. You can get a cupcake box customized by getting the name of your printer printed on the box. With various personalization options available, you can also opt for customized chocolates. This is undoubtedly one of the most accessible yet most beloved new year’s gift options. To get more information like this topics, stay with the od ideas 

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Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are not mere gifts, they signify positivity and growth. When you give a green plant or a sapling to someone, you are giving them a token of hope and life. With the increased levels of air pollution in cities, gifting green indoor plants has become the new normal. Small potted plants are widely given as a return gift, with wedding cards, at a baby shower, or at a get together with family and friends. Add a little freshness, vibrancy, and positivity in abundance to your employee’s workstation. Get a cute indoor plant like- rubber plant, aloe Vera, English ivy, snake plant etc, as a new year gift for your staff and even coworkers. 

A Journal

It is a widely accepted fact that journaling is one of the most effective ways to practice self discipline in life. When we start journaling about our day to day activities- there is a very low chance that we might miss out on anything that we had decided to complete. This new year get a set of 365 day journal books for your super busy employees- who end up forgetting something or the other always. You can get it personalized by adding your name or initials or even a motivational quote on the first page. You can also add a branded pen and a cute new year’s greeting card along with it.  A journal entry can be a perfect new year gift for wife too.


In the hustle and bustle of our day to day lives, we do end up achieving everything from our goals to awards and achievements, but the most important part of our life- our health is overlooked. When it comes to going for that 45- mins walk or doing yoga for 30 mins- we are busy with the rest of the important things. So instead of opting for a typical new year’s gift for your employee, get them something that helps them make the most of less time- with respect to their health. There are multiple fitness gadgets available – both online and offline. A fitbit, yoga mat, or even a pair of running shoes would be a perfect new year’s gift for your staff. In this way, you can also become a part of their journey towards achieving good health and mindfulness. We bet they will be overjoyed at receiving such useful gifts. You can also use this option as a new year gift for family and friends.

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