4 Types Of Hair: Recognise Your Hair Type In 2024

4 Types Of Hair: Recognise Your Hair Type In 2024

4 Types Of Hair: Recognise Your Hair Type In 2024 image source: freepik
4 Types Of Hair: Recognise Your Hair Type In 2024

If you have noticed, every individual’s hair isn’t the same. Some people have curly hair, some have long hair, and some have short hair. Does this have any kind of significance? What type of hair do you have? If you are asking these questions yourself, let us tell you that there are 4 types of hair. If you want to learn about it all, go through our blog.

Straight Hair 

Straight hair type is popular among females and is considered the most attractive among the 4 types. This is flat hair that you can find while visiting salons like hair salon Vinings GA

Straight Hair Categories

Straight hair is divided into 3 categories. 

  1. The hair is straight and thin and has no waves or curls. Oil can travell to the ends easily while giving an oily look to overall hair. Only a few women have this type of hair in Asia. 
  2. The hair is straight but thick, and its texture can be curly, giving movement to the hair.
  3. The hair is very thick and becomes frizzy because of the environment and climate. When this type of hair is dried, it can look messed up while still lying flat.

Wavy Hair

The second type of hair is wavy hair that looks like an S. This hair is thicker than straight hair and has a slight texture. The wavy hair is not as oily as straight hair. 

Hair Category

Wavy hair is divided into 3 categories. Let’s scroll down and check them:

  1. This hair is thin, and when dry, each stand forms an S. It is not very difficult to curl or straighten this type of hair, so people with this hair can enjoy styles easily. 
  2. Next in Wavy hair comes slightly frizzy hair. After getting dried, each strand forms a frizzy S in this type.
  3. The last type of wavy hair is hair with waves from the scalp. This hair hair is the thickest of all wavy hair types and is most vulnerable to frizz. This hair also forms an “S” when dried.
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Curly Hair

Curly hair looks like spiral curls and forms ringlets. This hair type is extremely prone to dryness, tangles, frizz, and breakage. 

Hair Category

Below are the 3 types of curly hair:

  1. It is fine glossy hair with some curls. A little prone to frizz, this hair has natural outlining and doesn’t require many products for styling.
  2. In this type, hair is medium to tight springy, and prone to frizz. 
  3. Hair has extremely tight and thick curls and heavy texture in this type. 
  4. Coiled Or Kinky Hair

Coiled or kinky hair is mostly seen in Africans or Americans. This hair is tightly curled and remains in shape when dried as well as wet. This hair gets damaged by heated styling products. People with coiled hair face dryness and itching in the scalp.

Kinky hair

Hair Category

Coiled or Kinky hair is separated into three categories. 

  1. Hair has springy and tight coils, and hair strands become smaller when dried. 
  2. Next, kinky hair is hair with curls in a z-coil formation. The curls are not much defined as the first type of kinky hair.
  3. The last type of kinky hair is thick, and curls are not clearly visible. The curls are also much smaller than others. 

Final Words

Hair is divided into 4 types, and all 4 types of hair are again separated into three categories. All hair types have their benefits and are specifically seen in different people. Most types of hair are prone to frizzyness and dryness. Drop a comment and let us know which hair type you have.

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