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40+ Employee of the Month reward ideas and Certificates

Ideas for Empolyee of the Month

Employee and company awards come in a variety of forms, like employee of the month certificates. Since Bonusly is the greatest employee recognition and incentives program, we are quite aware of the most innovative methods of employee appreciation. We’ve compiled the best and most inventive employee reward ideas into one comprehensive list as a service to you.

This list has been so well-liked that we’ve updated and expanded it numerous times; we’re delighted to announce that this time, the entire list has been revamped! In addition, expect free or inexpensive suggestions scattered throughout per popular demand! further, appreciating an employee of the month certificate is a good idea, right?

The actual key to developing a variety of staff incentives and prizes that everyone will be eager to acquire is creativity, not an expense.

Before having a look at some amazing employee reward ideas. Let’s have a look at sections of an employee of the month reward.

  • Professional growth
  • Services
  • Gift
  • Experience

Professional Growth:

Professional development of Employee
Professional development of Employee

Upgraded or superior office supplies

Do employees of your team yearn for greater Adobe Stock photo choices? or your project management tool’s premium edition? To increase the productivity of your team members’ everyday responsibilities and the caliber of their output, think about improving your present software and goods.

Course and Classes

There are countless online and in-person classes available for every topic under the sun, and it’s a simple method to reenergize and encourage someone about their everyday activities.

If you are unable to afford the full cost of attendance, schedule a weekly viewing session for webinars or conference films. It’s a free chance to get fresh knowledge.

Employee of the Month Certificate

You can provide the certificate of employee of the month the reason behind that is it will stay as proof with them and may benefit or help them in the future, besides they can cherish the moment lifetime.

Tons of Employee of the Month templates are available here.

Portrait employee of the month certificate  template
Portrait employee of the month template


Similar to lectures, seminars often need less time to attend while still being jam-packed with knowledge. Additionally, they offer fantastic networking chances.

LinkedIn sponsored content

Having a byline on an excellent article means a lot to a lot of people. If they have any industry-relevant insights, expand your audience by endorsing your article on LinkedIn.

Office supply repository

A priceless reward comes from making an investment in company employees’ professional development. Offer to pay for a book they’ve been wanting so you may add it to the office’s collection of reference materials. You don’t have to go overboard, but personalized bookplates to acknowledge individual person and their motivation for adding a book may be a great addition. Encouraging your employees and taking responsibility for your part in their growth as they develop their own skill sets is a kind and meaningful act.


are a great way to learn about the condition of your industry today and network with future clients, much like courses and seminars are.


It has a lasting effect to pay for an employee’s membership dues in a professional group. It conveys that a corporation is concerned about a worker’s career advancement after they have left a specific company and offers a wealth of networking and education options.

Sharing a meal

At first, networking and mentoring may seem a little awkward, so introduce yourself over a delicious lunch. Yummy food and engaging conversation? Would be a great idea.

Financial advisor consultation,

Unfortunately, financial planning for the future isn’t precisely available for free. If your whole rewards program currently includes a 401k match, think about having a financial manager on hand to support your employees all year long. It has a profound personal influence and imparts knowledge that is essential for everyone’s future.


Services to provide your employee of the month
Services to provide your employee of the month

Vehicle upkeep

Nothing is more distressing than unexpected auto repair costs! Making sure that your employees’ automobiles are in excellent condition is a much-appreciated reward if you have staff members who spend a significant amount of time on the road, such as those working in field advertising, regional sales, or consulting. Think about regularly providing services like wheel rotations, oil changes, and car washes.

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The takeover of the project

It feels so much better to assign a duty you hate doing to someone else. Appreciate a hard-working employee by giving them the option to delegate a task to a teammate or give them first dibs on an “easy” project the following time.

Credits or compensation for ridesharing

Knowing that your employees can expense a Rideshare eases your mind if they are working long hours or traveling around town to meet clients. Even if you work in a small town or the suburbs, providing your staff with posh town cars for Christmas parties can be a great surprise.

Cleaning the home

Giving your staff the present of time doesn’t necessarily need sending them on vacation from the office. When I’m working on a large project at work, my apartment is always a mess, which makes me feel even more stressed.

You’re saving your hard-working staff members time and effort by thanking them with a one-time or recurring house cleaning service.

Bike repair

Invest once in a screwdriver set, an Adjustable tool set, and a bike pump to keep on available for staff members who travel by bike. You’ll be encouraging their environmentally responsible transportation decisions and assisting with their road safety!

As an alternative, you can pay for the expense of a yearly tune-up, which often involves changing the brake pads and truing the bike’s wheels.

Dry cleaning

This is one more example of a simple approach to support your team if you live in a place where launderettes are a part of everyday life.

Service for walking dogs or doggy daycare,

Unfortunately, not every workplace is dog-friendly. But helping to pay for or offering dog-walking services like Wiggle or striking a deal with a nearby canine daycare might go a long way toward giving your team members peace of mind. It demonstrates that your business genuinely cares about the families and private lives of its employees, even if those families include furry members.

Subsidized travel

Traveling from and to work might be difficult and expensive depending on where you live. Subsidizing commuter costs is a terrific approach to relieve daily stress if providing transit assistance to staff is not currently required in your city.

Meals delivered or catered

By offering a prepared lunch or ordering delivery, you can save your staff from the burden of planning their daily lunches. Employees will appreciate the change of pace, and sharing a meal together is a great and underappreciated team-building activity.


Note of appreciation from the CEO

It can be exciting to know that somebody at the very highest of your place of upper cabinets values the work you perform. Make sure your bosses are aware of the fantastic work your coworkers do besides, ask them to express their gratitude in writing to those who are crushing it.

Gift cards

One of the most effective forms of employee compensation is gift cards. You may undoubtedly provide a wide range of gift cards from the shops that your workforce like. When your employer pays for a pair of new shoes, a spa day, or a cup of coffee on the weekend, it gives you a distinct sense of satisfaction.

Membership of Coffee 

Regardless of whether they prefer coffee, tea, or juice, almost everyone has a morning routine!

The Boulder, Colorado, location of Bonusly HQ served as the inspiration for this prize. Check to discover if any nearby cafés offer memberships or subscriptions. Typically, this entails that consumers can pay a set fee, frequently discounted, for a month or more of unlimited beverages. Fronting that expense makes mornings happier and helps local businesses.

Premium Music subscription

Almost everyone has a favorite playlist for the office. You’re in the zone and moving along when a dreadfully distracting advertisement screeches into view and breaks your concentration.

Everyone hates it, even you and I. Therefore, completely avoid unpleasant situations by awarding your staff with a premium subscription to their preferred music streaming service.

Month’s Best Book

Has your team got any nerds on it? A simple subscription-based gift called Book of the Month lets readers choose from five buzzworthy new books each month. Additionally, if your workplace has a lot of avid readers, you essentially have a developed book group!

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Clothing or Company product

Use your company’s own branded merchandise, which you most likely already have, as the first suggestion on our list! The majority of employees like the chance to represent their organization, and there are frequently t-shirts or water bottles lying around the workplace. Most people also enjoy receiving freebies.

Think about your swag designs at this time. They’re cool. Is it just a regular t-shirt with your company’s logo on it? Although your company logo may be quite stylish, crowdsourced swag design is a terrific approach to engage staff members and highlight your team’s innovation.

Perhaps a camel riding a rocket ship with your company’s logo on it brought you to earth. Great! Think about creating and sending your new favorite designs to staff members in carefully picked swag boxes with a firm like Caro.

Give Plants

British researchers “discovered that having workplace plants generated a better work atmosphere,” according to World Report.

Why? The research suggests the following: “One argument is that greenery enhances engagement by increasing people’s involvement in their work on a physical, cognitive, and emotional level.”

Give your staff a plant to take care of at the office if they would view it as a gift rather than a stressor. We advise choosing low-maintenance plants like tropical plants and cacti.

Charity Donations

Many of your employees probably already donate to charities. By making a donation on their behalf or matching a donation as a meaningful incentive, you may assist them in amplifying the impact they are having. See how Sectors of the community users contribute on the website for additional information.

 Feature on a website or newsletter

Receiving public kudos is always enjoyable. If your business publishes a newsletter or blog, you can consider writing a brief profile of a key team member to show them that you recognize and value them or you can also create an Employee of the month template for a social media platform.

Something like mugs, and magnetic

Surprise your staff by giving them badges, mugs, or magnets with their or their pet’s faces on them! These customizable objects are like customized Slack emoticons for the physical world and are great for personalizing laptops, drinking coffee, or playing on the kitchen fridge. For amazing die-cut and kiss-cut stickers for projects like this, check out Sticker Mule.

 Professional clothes for major occasions

Employees occasionally experience a Big Deal event, such as client presentations, speaking engagements, or charity galas! By paying for a chic suit, the institution may demonstrate how much it appreciates them and is rooting for them. The receiver will feel and look wonderful as a result.

Expensing those additional charges can help your employee’s budget as well as their emotions of inclusion and belonging if your company has dress codes, such as business-professional attire in a law office or steel-toe boots in organizations today.

Send a bundle of comfort

Personally, I find going to the post office to be a major chore. You may therefore be sure that when I do, I am sending messages to someone I truly appreciate.

Receiving mail that has been personally addressed makes you feel good since it shows how much thought and consideration was put into it. Receiving letters has a similar thrill to it! Except that a care package could include food.

Adaptive footwear or insoles

We see how they say that since you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, you should invest in a nice mattress. The same might be said of nice shoes, but only for 1/3 of the life that you spend working. 

For occupations that involve a significant amount of time on one’s feet, such as those in the medical, commerce, and restaurant sectors, supportive footwear and insoles are crucial. If you work in one of these industries, maintaining the comfort of your team members should be included in your business expenses.


Great Experiences for EOM
Great Experiences for EOM

Membership of gym

Feeling emotionally and mentally healthy is greatly influenced by maintaining physical health. Give your staff a gift of a gym membership or, if they want variety, a subscription to a service like ClassPass. Also, think about getting memberships to indoor cycling facilities and yoga.

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Vacation time or Time off

A thing you will never get back is time, which is a valuable resource. Why not give your crew some extra Paid time off(PTO) as a reward for good work? Even those who adore their employees can benefit from having a bit more spare time.

There are numerous time-based methods, such as flexible scheduling or summer hours, to thank your staff for their hard work. Even think of early releases and sleep-in days.

Yoga sessions

Yoga can help people become more physically and mentally fit. Offering yoga sessions to coworkers can be a terrific perk because it can allow them to relax after a long day of work or feel focused in the morning.

Work from a remote location

Give your staff a working day away from the office while also supporting nearby businesses. For instance, if your team enjoys rock climbing, you may get session passes to a mountain climbing gym with broadband and lounge facilities. Under one roof, you may host both engaging team-building exercises and fruitful creative sessions. (In Boulder, Colorado, we enjoy Movement; Brooklyn Boulders has sites in Boston, Chicago, and New York.)

Vouchers for private instruction

Helping employees reach their objectives, whether they involve excelling in their line of work or becoming in top physical condition, is in the best interest of the business. It’s a terrific method to support team members in achieving their individual objectives if they express interest in this kind of award.

Visit a brewery or a winery

A guided great wine or brew tour is interesting and entertaining for individuals who consume alcohol. Additionally, you get to assist a nearby company.

Remote Year

For one year or four months, groups of dynamic professionals join forces with Remote Year to travel, reside, and work in various places across the globe. Your assistance with their applications and approval to Remote Year may be the greatest reward for some of your staff members.

Supporting a participant or squad in a race

When a business acknowledges a worker’s interests and passions, it means a lot more. Why not pay for their entry into a race if running is their passion? Or an entire team, if they’re keen.

These races, which range from 5Ks to marathons, frequently make donations to worthwhile institutions and charities as well, making them a double-whammy of heartfelt presents.

Membership in Headspace

Give your members of the team a token of your concern for their emotional and mental well-being rather than merely giving them breaks. Giving employees a subscription to Headspace might give them access to helpful assisted meditation sessions that will make them feel rejuvenated.

Tickets for a sporting event, movie, or concert.

A basketball game, a regional cuisine festival, or an Ariana Grande performance are all great ways to satisfy the crowd.

Lunch catered or from a food truck

Don’t just have lunch delivered! It’s always enjoyable to place an order from a food truck, and it’s a terrific opportunity to treat staff to something different from their usual soup and sandwich fare.

Taking a break and eating a nice lunch together is a fantastic way to strengthen your team at this time.

Lessons in Music

Giving your staff more time for their interests and personal lives will only improve their performance at work. A teammate might be interested in learning the trumpet, piano, or ukulele. Enroll them in the neighborhood music school and exhort them to demonstrate their newly acquired talents in a little talent show.

Winding up

To put it simply, I’d like to say that there are many ways to recognize or reward your employee of the month or week. In addition to the methods already mentioned, you can also give certificates to employees along with good wishes. This will be beneficial to them and help them remember you for a long time.

If you are willing to create one, look at PhotoADKing. It’s a terrific location as per my personal experience to modify, customize, and locate certifications that are appropriate for your purposes besides, there are tons of Employee of the Month templates.

Have a look at some Employee of the Month Certificates

Abstract Employee of the Month Certificate
Abstract Employee of the Month Certificate
Shaft Employee of the Month Certificate Template
Shaft Employee of the Month Certificate Template
An employee of the Month Certificate Template with a Picture
An employee of the Month Certificate Template with a Picture
White best employee of the month certificate
White best employee of the month certificate
Portrait Employee of the month certificate template
Portrait Employee of the month certificate template

For more visit the above-mentioned website.