5 Best Healthcare Apps for Patients

5 Best Healthcare Apps for Patients


The healthcare apps for Patients are useful for streamlining business operations and enhancing the patient experience. Whether it is adding personal health information or viewing the lab reports, these apps can track the health progress in real-time and also give in-depth insights into the current condition based on past data analysis. These include details like previous surgeries, ongoing or old medication, and other details.

Statistically, 52% of smartphone users keep their medical information on their devices via such apps. If you are wondering which application to use, here are the top 5 options for you to try.

  1. Better Help

One of the most important parts of your healthcare that you should focus on is mental health. Statistically, 50% of chronic mental issues affect people before reaching 14 years, and 75% of these illnesses start at age 24.

Better Help is a useful app in this context as it allows patients to reach out to professional mental health care professionals online. If it is not viable to visit a therapist’s office, the online medium makes it easier for patients to get medical care from home.

The platform has top professionals with experience and certified credentials, and service rates are relatively reasonable. You can add the particular issues you are facing, and the right counselor or therapist with the relevant training will take over your case.

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Expect individualized health care from online and safe therapy sessions suitable for any user.


  • Access over 3000 different licensed mental health care professionals and therapists.
  • Interact with the doctors via video chat or text-based messaging
  • Personalized treatment plans for stress, depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, marriage counseling, etc.
  1. Generis

Nutrition is another top concern for people with health improvement needs. So, Generis is one of the top Healthcare apps for patients that is useful for optimizing overall health conditions for different types of people globally.

The interface of this app is extremely useful and simple to navigate, even for totally new users of e-healthcare solutions. Plus, this is a highly innovative app that focuses on providing health advice based on a person’s genetic makeup. It detects the DNA sequence of the person and then provides beneficial suggestions for nutrition, food, supplements, etc.

The DNA data it gets for the insightful suggestions are from reliable sites like Ancestry.com and 23andMe. After that, it provides value-driven recommendations for efficient lifestyle improvement.


  • Based on personal body needs, the software provides a nutrition breakdown of food plans.
  • DNA-based personalized advice.
  • Personalized exercise plans with scientifically-backed instructions.
  • Sets fitness and health goals like stress reduction, fitness improvement, athletic performance growth, sleep improvement, etc.
  1. MDance

Another most reliable healthcare apps for patients is the MDacne app, especially catering to the dermatology needs of people. Patients with skincare issues and damage can consult with the top dermatologists through the app and get customized acne treatment plans.

Depending on the user’s skin condition, the medical professionals recommend treatment within minutes. The UI of the app is simplified as well, so people of any age can comfortably use it.

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Moreover, this high-quality app can monitor skin conditions, allow chats with professional dermatologists, set reminders, and provide recommendations.


  • Offers skincare-friendly treatment options as recommendations.
  • Patients have to add a photo of their skin and answer specific questions only.
  • Offers customized skincare treatment
  • Advanced AI-based technology handles 24×7 skin condition monitoring.

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  1. Teladoc

Another importance of the healthcare apps for patients is access to general physicians for fundamental health issues.

Teledoc is a premier option where patients get instant access to board-certified healthcare professionals. The doctors are available 24×7 for phone calls or video chat consultations. So, patients can expect quick and efficient query resolution from top healthcare service providers, all through their devices.


  • Customized pharmacy-based medication prescriptions are provided.
  • The software imports patient information and is digitally available for a seamless diagnosis.
  • Contact professional medical practitioners via video calls or phone.
  • Healthcare advice for different conditions like mental health, skin issues like rashes and eczema, and non-emergency conditions such as sinus or flu infections.
  1. Heal

This app makes it easier to connect with physicians that provide in-house medical care visits. Indeed, it is not possible for some patients to directly visit emergency centers or clinics due to distance, deteriorating health conditions, or mobility issues.

Through the Heal app, you can contact the top in-house physicians visiting patients’ homes for a quick check-up. They check the patient’s condition in person and can provide suitable care recommendations for whatever issue they face.


  • Contact nearby physicians for at-home visits.
  • The simplified app UI is good for easier navigation through options.
  • Set the schedule for visits.
  • High-quality advice on the condition of the patient after in-person evaluation.

Is getting customized healthcare better?

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Although several healthcare apps exist in the market, having a customized software for your healthcare brand will make a difference. It helps in taking the patient’s experience up by several levels and improving the health outcomes. Customizing the software paves more ways to include new features, scale the existing ones, and improve the overall security, especially for compliances.

Hiring a capable cross platform app development company for the development work is suitable. Indeed, these developers will have the relevant tools and technologies for high-quality app development and provide faster delivery of error-free apps. Here, the best service providers properly consider the needs of their clients while building these solutions and conduct thorough market research.


There are multiple top healthcare apps for patients that they can use for different levels of medical condition treatment. Go through these apps’ features and reviews to decide which will suit your needs best. Consider these apps as a reference to create a capable healthcare app for patients for your brand.

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