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 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Pressure Washing your Property in Victoria

Pressure Washing

Are you planning to give your property a sparkling clean look? House washing is undoubtedly the most effective way to remove dirt, grime, and stains from your exterior surfaces. However, if done incorrectly, it can cause more harm than good. To help you avoid costly mistakes when pressure washing your property in Victoria, we’ve put together a list of common errors that homeowners make. Read on to find out what they are and how to prevent them!

Not Enough Water

When pressure washing Victoria your property, it is important to take into account the amount of water that you are using. Too much water can cause damage to your property and even lead to dangerous flooding. Here are some tips for avoiding common mistakes when pressure washing your property:

1. Always test the water before starting the cleaning process. If the water is too hot or too cold, adjust the settings on your machine accordingly.

2. Use a sufficient amount of water when pressure washing your property. Too much water can cause damage to your equipment and even lead to dangerous flooding.

3. Never use power washers if the weather conditions are unfavorable. Rain, snow, or high winds can make it difficult for the machine to operate properly and could result in damage to your property.

4. Don’t overuse detergents or abrasives when pressure washing your property. These substances can damage surfaces and leave them unsightly and unclean.

Not Using the Correct Pressure Gauge

1. Avoid using the wrong pressure gauge. A pressure gauge should be calibrated at a service station or a professional property cleaning company. If you are using your own gauge, make sure it is accurate to within 2-3 PSI (pounds per square inch) and in good condition.
2. Do not overpressure your system. Overpressuring your system can lead to damage to your equipment and can cause water leaks or Flooding. A safe pressure range for most residential applications is 30-60 PSI. 3. Do not wash with cold water first. Cold water can shock the systems internals, causing premature wear and tear on the equipment and possible water leaks or Flooding afterwards. 4. Use detergent that is specifically designed for pressure washers.DO NOT USE DRY WASHER OR AUTOMOTIVE WASHER DETERGENT ON PRESSURE WASHER SYSTEMS! 5. Always check the discharge hose after use to make sure it is free from kinks, cracks, or other obstructions that could reduce its ability to deliver clean water safely and effectively.

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Not Washing Down Properly

When it comes to pressure washing your property in Victoria, there are a few things you should avoid if you want to keep your home looking its best.

1. Not Washing Down Properly: One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when pressure washing their property is not properly washing down the surface before and after the cleaning process. This leaves behind dirt, grime and debris that can cause serious damage to your home’s finishes and potentially increase water costs by requiring more frequent visits. Follow these steps to ensure proper washing down: Before starting the pressure washer, spray a light mist of water onto the surface you’re going to be cleaning. This will help loosen any dirt, grease or other deposits that may be on the surface. Once the pressure washer is turned on, start at the top of the structure and work your way down until the water starts to cleanest without causing too much damage. Continuously move around the structure while spraying and wiping down with a wet cloth to remove all residue. After cleaning is complete, rinse off all tools and surfaces with fresh water before putting away.

2. Not using Enough Pressure: Another common mistake homeowners make when pressure washing their property is not using enough pressure. Too little pressure can result in ineffective cleaning and increased wear on your equipment, while overusing pressure can damage surfaces including brick, mortar and concrete. Follow these tips for applying proper pressure when using a pressured washer: Start with low pressures (around 30

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Not rinsing Off All the Soil and Muck

If you are pressure washing your property in Victoria, it is important to remember to not rinse off all the soil and muck. This can cause damage to your property and potentially increase the chances of mold or fungus growing. Instead, use a gentle stream of water to wet the surface that you are cleaning and then use a detergent formulated for pressure washing. Once the surface is clean, rinse off the detergent with clean water.

Not Checking for Leaks

When pressure washing your property, it is important to ensure that you are checking for leaks. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

1. Not Checking for Leaks After the Pressure Wash

Make sure to check for any leaks after your pressure wash by checking the roof, gutters, and downspouts. If you notice any leakage, please call a professional immediately.

2. Not Deciding How Much Water to Use

Be sure to use enough water when pressure washing your property. Too much water can cause damage and can also cause a leak. Use enough water to cover the surface being washed, but don’t overdo it – too much water can cause runoff and flooding.

3. Not Preparing Your Surface Prior to Pressure Washing

Before pressure washing your property, be sure to clean it up as best you can. This will help prevent damage from occurring while the pressure washes are taking place.

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