In this digital era, the smartphones are bringing a revolutionary change in the global marketplace. 22% of people are using mobiles which has already crossed the percentage of people who are using desktops for surfing internet.

Beforehand, a website is one of the strongest marketing tools for any business. For instance, speaking about e-commerce, it was a huge success when incorporated in sites. It proves to be a faster alternative to shopping. However, in no code ecommerce app recent times the evolution of mobile applications turns into a great opportunity to boost the sales. It allows to make a purchase in seconds.

Let’s take a look on some viable reasons that why you should invest in mobile apps for your company.

1. Get business on mobile:

There is no denying that having a website alone is not just enough. According to a survey, 8 out of 10 people are using smartphones. People are checking these hand-held gadgets on a frequent basis. From finding local businesses to e-commerce, apps are becoming a fruitful resource.

Applications are more intuitive than websites and provides a better user experience.

2. A great way to use social platforms:

It always go without mentioning that people are obsessed with social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. The apps can give a platform to integrate all these channels to fetch maximum attention. Using these social channels, users can share their reviews and add comments about the product and services you are offering to them.

3. Attracts the larger and younger audience:

Today, almost everyone including the younger generation is using mobiles instead of PCs. So, following the same old techniques cannot work all the time!

Mobile apps are becoming a new criteria to generate leads and boost up sales. To reach out the demographic, you can introduce a dedicated app which includes all the information users are looking for. It reduces the time requirements to access your services and products which lead to easy purchasing.

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4. Maintains the brand identity:

It is important to maintain a consistency for your brand identity. If you are unable to generate leads out of the service, still you will make a definite space in the market by having a great app. It should be a one-stop destination for the users.

For instance, you can notify the users with latest updates and deals through an app which not only engages the users but also builds up interest in your app.

5. Provides the opportunity to serve better:

Customer satisfaction is a prior concern for any industry. More the users are happy from your services, it will drive more sales for you. Mobile apps give you a seamless medium to interact with the users and get their valuable feedback. This way, you not only can remove the bugs but also give them a sense of loyalty which turns them into longterm customers.


With the mobile industry thriving like it is at the moment, it is worthwhile for every business to invest in mobile app development. There are many companies that are taking the leverage of upcoming technologies and making the best use of it.

If you still do not have a mobile app for your industry then it’s the right time to go for it. As mobile applications can generate revenue and also helps you in growing your business.

Mobile Commerce Security

Security, whether in the airport or in an application, is a confusing subject that is often confused further by techno-speak. We’ll try and minimize the jargon today as we look at maximizing the security of Mobile Commerce apps.

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Convenience, The Often-Overlooked First Question:

Mobile application security can be thought of very similarly to the security of transferring cash between individuals. Let’s say for example that the day before a best friend’s wedding in San Francisco, an urgent family matter in New York calls you away. Much to your chagrin, upon landing in New York you realize that you have your best friend’s $20,000 diamond ring in your bag.

There are many aspects to consider figuring out how to get the ring back to your friend. The thing that rarely gets talked about is the fact that convenience, (whether yours or your friend’s), will be the single biggest factor in determining how you choose to get the ring back to him. Can you afford the time to take it yourself or does it need to be given to a courier? How quickly does it need to get there? How much money is it acceptable to spend in order to get the ring there safely?

For the vast majority of apps the answers probably come out similarly to the way they would for the diamond ring. The transfer of the item has to be most convenient for everyone and relatively inexpensive – that is we’re looking for a solution that is fast, cheap, and with extremely high probability of success.

From that standpoint, most solutions get thrown out right off the bat. For example, flying the ring back yourself takes too much time and costs too much money. The same might be said for sending it back in an armored truck for that matter. So, at the end of the day, we need to be resigned to sending it via FedEx – still we want to take the right precautions so that the ring doesn’t get stolen prior to its arriving back to your friend.

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The 3 Aspects of Security: Devices, Networks, & Servers

For the purposes of our analogy, the wedding ring is analogous to secure data that can take many forms – credit card numbers, passwords, source code, or proprietary algorithms. Keeping that information secure and out of the hands of would-be thieves requires that you identify first the “path of the data”. When the ring is in your possession, that’s analogous to a credit card number being stored on your phone – let’s call that “device” security. e commerce app When the ring is in transit (on the FedEx truck) that’s analogous to data being transmitted over the internet – what we’ll call “network” security. When the ring is at the FedEx processing center, that’s analogous to the data being stored on a database server – what we call “server” security.

Mobile Payments By Analogy

Let’s say that you are made aware of a small, lightweight combination lock-box that is nearly impossible to break into – that is, no one has ever done it and the expectation is that the technology to “guess the combination” won’t be around for another 100 years. It’s a no-brainer decision to put the ring in the lock-box while you are carrying it around, while it’s on the truck, and when it’s passing through the FedEx facility. For digital data there is a magical lock-box which is called data encryption.

The Custom Boxes
The Custom Boxes