5 tips that every real estate agent should give to the first time home buyer

People looking for housing to buy for the first time face a process riddled with fears and questions . They face the largest financial investment they have made so far and hope the real estate agent will help them through all the steps. The role of professionals in the sector is essential, and advising them properly is the best way to achieve their trust as clients.

With the help of Mayka Delgado , sales coach and trainer and contributor to  Academy by Fotocasa , we have summarized the fundamental tips that a real estate agent should offer to the inexperienced buyer.

1. Do a good economic study

The first thing to be clear about who wants to buy a home is how much they can spend. It is essential to carry out a good economic and financial study that considers the savings available for entry, your employment situation, the conditions for obtaining a mortgage, the expenses of the sale that you will have to face and other amounts that must be taken into account: IBI, community, etc. Only in this way will it be possible to determine with certainty how much they can cost, what the real budget is.

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“For a large part of the buyers, the determining factor is knowing how much they are going to have to pay per month, it is necessary to help them define this amount,” says Mayka Delgado. “In addition, most real estate companies, due to the volume of sales they make, have interesting agreements with various banking entities , probably better than those that the individual can achieve with his own bank. A person will request one or two mortgages throughout his life, but a real estate agent manages many, so he can obtain better conditions. It is important that we offer them these options that can impact their monthly fees for years. ”

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2. Specify your real needs

It is essential to be clear on what type of housing they really need. And for this it is not enough to know that they would like a loft in the center or a floor with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. “You have to ask about their lifestyle, about the composition of the family, how they are going to use these bedrooms,” Delgado explains. “It is what we call the investigation phase.”

It is important to know if the area they are looking for is because they like it or if it is also where the schools where their children go or where a close relative lives , if having a parking space is decisive or could be ignored, etc. In short, it is about defining the real needs: which elements are absolutely essential and which ones have a certain adaptation margin.

3. Contemplate alternatives

Often what first-time homeowners want is out of their budget, so helping them value alternatives is critical . Obviously, the first thing is to try to show them what meets their requirements, but if it does not exist, you should not throw in the towel but help them redirect your search.

For example, if the client plans to dedicate any of the bedrooms as a study or office , an apartment with two rooms and a glazed terrace may be an alternative possibility to the three rooms he was targeting. Or if it is an area with easy parking on the street, perhaps the lack of a garage space is not an impediment to visiting a house that meets the other conditions.

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“ What you should not do in any case is create false expectations . If we know that what they are looking for is out of their budget, we cannot simply tell them ‘I will call you if something comes my way’, because it will not happen and we will end up losing that client, ”says Delgado. “On the contrary, if we offer them alternatives, surely they will not contemplate them from the outset, but after a while, when they are convinced that they are looking for it, it does not exist, it is likely that they will contact us again to assess those other options.”

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4. Avoid any risk

Once the home is found, it is very important to advise you and help to check all the documentation on the ownership and the possible charges that it may have. “You have to be sure who the current owners are, because for a signal or down payment contract to be valid, all those involved must sign, or have ceded their powers before a notary. If not, it would not be valid ”, India Mayka Delgado. It is also essential to know – and set in writing – the exact date of availability of the property to be able to adjust the calendar with the bank, etc.

Before giving a signal, it is necessary to explain the importance of having a surety bond , the guarantee on the money that is left on deposit with the real estate agency. “This insurance offers security and confidence to clients, and is one of the points that differentiates a professional real estate agency from an agreement between individuals,” adds the expert.

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Another fundamental point to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future is to make sure that the property has no charges and to know in detail the situation of the neighborhood community. It is not enough with the document that indicates that the payments are current, but it is necessary to request the community minutes of the last four years to verify that there is no planned spill.

5. Bureaucratic and legal support

The home buying process can be overwhelming for those with no previous experience. Detailing the legal and bureaucratic steps that will have to be followed, and helping in their realization, will suppose a fundamental support from the real estate professional.

A good application of all these tips from the moment the buyer-client requests a first real estate advice will have a positive result, and twice. On the one hand, the buyer will proceed with the search with greater knowledge of the cause , which will help them to select with greater possibility of success the homes that may really interest them. And, on the other hand, it will take away the feeling of dealing with a subject matter expert who can help you in this process. “In this way, it is possible to generate the basic trust that is the basis of this sector,” concludes Mayka Delgado.


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