5 Uses For A Garden Room

5 Uses for a Garden Room

Garden Room

Garden rooms are increasingly being seen as a desirable asset for homeowners. They are a great way to increase your usable living space, without the financial burden of moving to a larger property. If you are currently thinking of buying a timber garden building, here are some potential uses for your new investment.

Home Office

Two years since Covid-19 changed the way we live our lives, nearly 60 percent of workers in the US are working from home most of the time. The work from home movement has taken off and looks set to continue, with 61 percent of workers actively choosing to stay home rather than head into the office.If space is limited in your home, a home office in the garden is a useful solution. As long as you upgrade to a garden building with plenty of insulation, it can be used as a home office all year round.

Home Gym

Lots of people opt to workout at home. The good news is that a garden room makes an excellent pain cave for amateur and pro athletes. You can set up a treadmill, multi-gym, and bike smart trainer on a tight budget. Throw in a flat-screen and speakers, a subscription to Zwift, and home workouts will be both fun and productive. Don’t forget to fit a shelf for your trophies!

Hobby Room

Hobbies are important if your job is stressful. Devoting time to a hobby lets your brain switch off for a few hours. Whether you love to be creative, or your passion is online gaming, a garden room is a great place to indulge in a hobby. It’s far enough away from the main house to allow you some ‘me-time’ without being disturbed, yet close enough so you can pop back inside if needed.

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Fitout your garden building to suit your hobby. Creatives will need a table and storage for all their equipment. Gamers will want a Wi-Fi extender, a flat-screen TV, and some comfy seating – custom bean bag chairs from Comfy Sacks could be just what you need for an enjoyable few hours playing Minecraft.

Gin Palace

Garden rooms are ideal if you love to invite friends over for drinks and a chat. Deck out your garden room with comfortable chairs, some cute lighting, and a few attractive accessories. You can sample some flavored gin, listen to music, and put the world to rights. On a hot day, nothing beats a stylish garden room in a shady spot.

Artist Studio

Are you an artist? If so, a garden room is an excellent spot for a studio. You can paint, draw, and create to your heart’s content, away from the distractions of the main house. It won’t matter if you make a mess in a garden room.

Fit plenty of storage and invest in a garden room with plenty of windows so you have lots of natural light.

One last thing: ensure your garden room has enough security features if you intend to keep anything valuable in there.

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