5 Week Pregnancy Ultrasound | Symptoms & What To Expect


Have you been trying to conceive lately and missed your period as well? Are you experiencing certain pregnancy symptoms and a little overwhelmed with what the 5 weeks ultrasound results will look like? Worry no more!! Although pregnancy is no piece of cake, you surely will be on cloud nine after giving birth to a healthy baby. 

Now that you are dubious about being pregnant, it is best to clarify your doubts by taking the test. Keep reading along to have deeper insights about 5 weeks gestation ultrasound and fetus development.

Development at week five of pregnancy and ultrasound

Your baby is still forming at a very early stage of gestation, at 5 weeks. A small sac measuring around 5 mm in size in the womb’s lining may be visible on a transvaginal ultrasound at 5 weeks gestation (uterus). The chorion, or broad white band of tissue that will eventually become the placenta, surrounds the gestational sac.

The first structure to form inside the pregnancy sac is the yolk sac. It is crucial for the growth of your unborn child and supplies essential nutrients in the first trimester. The yolk sac appears as a bubble inside the pregnancy sac during ultrasound imaging. It is a crucial structure for the Ultrasound Care team to see because it is so crucial for the baby’s early growth. It can also be used to determine whether a pregnancy is healthy or whether a miscarriage has occurred.

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When should the follow-up ultrasound be scheduled if the initial one didn’t reveal a growing infant?

If we don’t detect both a foetus and a heartbeat during the first ultrasound, newly pregnant women become anxious and frequently request to return shortly after for another ultrasound. But progressing past the early stages of pregnancy takes time. If you repeat the ultrasound too soon, it still won’t reassure you that the foetus is alive and developing.

The standard advice is to hold off if a gestational sac is found for two weeks and at least 11 days if we see both a gestational and yolk sac without a foetal pole. In both of these cases, it is preferred to hold off until the following ultrasound after two weeks. We repeat ultrasound in one week if we can observe an early foetal pole but not cardiac activity. Waiting can be difficult, but from my experience, it is much preferable to wait and receive a clear assessment of your pregnancy’s health than to risk having to return more than once.

Symptoms of pregnancy at five weeks

Your hCG levels have an impact on pregnancy symptoms. During the fifth week of pregnancy, common symptoms include:

  • metallic taste in your mouth
  • tender breasts
  • abdominal cramps
  • expanded sense of smell
  • increased urination
  • morning sickness
  • mood swings
  • unusual pregnancy cravings
  • constipation
  • white vaginal discharge
  • light spotting
  • bloating
  • missed period


To improve your chances of detecting the gestational sac and embryo during your 5 or 6-week ultrasound, you might wish to hold off for a few of weeks.

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While the majority of women can anticipate seeing something on a 5-week ultrasound, every pregnancy is unique. If you already have a medical issue, your doctor might advise more regular ultrasounds.

No matter what, it’s crucial to follow through on your prenatal appointments in order to monitor both your health and that of the developing child.

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