6 Awareness Tips by Family Planning Programmes

It is essential to keep a check on your family plans when it comes down to proper budgeting. It’s also very important to follow a basic principle to reduce the country’s population. There are multiple National Family Planning Programme that enlightens people about the importance of a small family and helps people in planning a small family. There are multiple reasons for opting for a small family, some of which include health, finance and population reference. 

There have been several changes in the family programs over the years in order to enhance the implementation of the rules. Let’s dig deeper into this.

Activities and Objectives of Family Planning Graph

Planned Parenthood:

Planned Parenthood is one of the most moral steps an individual can take toward population control. As a matter of keeping a check on the social population and also your own family line, it is always advised to use contraceptives. Make sure you are not making a haphazard decision that might lead to accidental pregnancy. 

Always make sure to use contraceptives. This will not just make sure that you have safe sexual intercourse without the chance of conceiving but also eliminate any chances of sexual diseases. Men and women both should be equally responsible when it comes to doing their part of the research on Family Planning Information. 

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Considering the age during marriage and the birth of the first child:

Girls who are married at a younger age have their bodies pretty much undeveloped for carrying a child. There are law firms out there that have set a standard age limit for girls and marriage and also carrying their first child. The situation of girls had been hostile and sensitive, as a result of which the bar line for marriage had been delayed. An increased gap between the age of marriage and the delivery of the first child could have a potentially strong impact on the population momentum of society.

Spacing between consecutive childbirth:

It is considered a very healthy option to keep a considerable amount of gap between 2 children. A span of 3 years is considered a healthy option to go with. This decreases the impact of any serious effect on the population momentum and also keeps a healthy check on the overall population of the considered population. Make sure to keep yourself filled in on the latest Family Planning Information and make the necessary changes that are required.

Trying out the concept of children by choice:

Given the population ratio of space, it is always advised to encourage the concept of adoption. Instead of bringing another life to this earth, it would do so much better if another life on this earth was nurtured and brought up with the same nourishment. This not only keeps a definite check on the population but also makes sure to shelter a life that was unguided previously. National Family Planning Programmes are known to specifically stress the concept which balances the population.

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Male and Female sterilisation methods:

This involves sterilising the sexual tracts of both males and females. This is done by: 

  1. The limiting methods for males include the no-scalpel vasectomy and the conventional vasectomy. This is a medical process where the vas deferens or the vas tubes of the males are accessed. It is a gentle and easy procedure that is faster to conduct and has a speedy recovery time. It is a comfortable process that doesn’t feel invasive and is one of the most efficient family planning methods. 
  2. Having been majorly used as a birth control objective, laparoscopic is one of the most efficient methods of family planning in women. The recovery time from the surgical process has been reduced to a greater extent and has given more efficient results than ever. 

Emergency Contraception:

Even though it isn’t considered one of the healthiest ways to keep a proper check on your family plans, it still has its own usage. As the name suggests, this is advised to take in case you have an unprotected sexual interaction. Emergency contraception is taken to immediately avoid any chances of pregnancy. The latest National Family Planning Programme is known to prescribe these pills only in the case of an emergency. These pills work ahead to stop the ovulation process, and hence the chances of pregnancy are cancelled. 

Though there are several Family Planning Information available from different sources that you can go ahead with, make sure to consult your gynaecologist before going ahead with any of these procedures. 


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