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6 Pillars of Digital Marketing

Everybody nowadays is connected through the internet. According to research, more than 4 billion people are on the internet. Due to this high rate of the audience, people are now adopting marketing sources that use digital media for promotion. The main focus of this article is on the six pillars of marketing through media and internet sources.

What is Digital Marketing?

Applying media and technology to archive marketing objectives is called digital marketing. It is also named Internet marketing.

It is crucial as you can make strategies for your future and a plan which is a path through which you can achieve your goals. 

These strategies and plans are written on the digital marketing strategy template, so you can efficiently work on them. 

6 Pillars of Digital Marketing

Marketing on digital media is not just about digital platforms or media. It is also about quality content and customer experience. Structure your marketing plan to boost your performance.

Here are digital activities divided into six areas. Every area needs someone to manage and improve results. 

  • Planning and Governance
  • Media
  • Content
  • Goals and Management
  • Conversational Messages
  • Experience

Planning and Governance

This part is the most vital part above all. This part is about planning, as shown by his name, but there are a few things. Firstly you have to decide your goals. Then you plan how you can achieve these goals. But when deciding on goals, keep in mind your budget. Make a plan according to your skills and performance. Through these, you can structure a good business.

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In media, you have to decide what type of media you want for your business promotion. There are three types of media 

  • Earned Media
  • Owned Media
  • Paid Media

Earned Media

A media resource that can promote your product or service and generate revenue for your business is ”earned media”.

For instance, YouTube is an excellent example of earned media. You can promote anything on it, and it will also give you revenue.

Owned Media

Owned media are the resources that you already have. It includes email data and other free social media platforms. It’s the most cost-effective. You can promote your services or product here for free.

For example, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Paid Media

As shown from the name, it is a paid media. If your business cannot reach many audiences, you can use a paid tool to promote your business. 

Paid media include SEO, PPC, SEM, and many more.


Content is the leading soul of marketing. It is the one that can attract and make them become potential customers of your business. So try to produce quality and easy-to-read content.

Content is the first thing a viewer sees, and it is the one that converts a viewer into your customer. Do not write about your business consistently. Try to give informational content, which will be more attractive if your content is downloadable.

Goals and Management

In this division, you have to ensure that your goals are attainable. And is your strategies enough for success? You can measure your success rate through KPIs. It will give you all the analysis about your promotional plans.

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If your plans need changes, you can make changes accordingly after analyzing the results.

For example: if your plan is to market your product through digital media and business card marketing and it is not working, you can change it after analyzing the success rate.

Conversational Messages

A chat directly with your customers can make them feel satisfied. Conversations add customer’s values as you are giving time and information to your customer.

Social media is the best platform to connect with your customers. You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. 


Customer satisfaction comes from good customer experience. A good experience can be built with good conversation. It can also be created with email and mobile marketing.

For example: If a person is searching for cardboard or custom boxes and you are running a business related to custom boxes. He comes to your site and adds his email but does not buy anything from you. You can email them to satisfy them and make them buy something from you.


We have discussed seven pillars of digital marketing. First, you have to make goals and plans and then decide what type is suitable for you. After deciding on media and implementing strategies, you can measure results through KPIs. Add engaging content and try to connect with customers for a better experience.