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6 Top Trending iPad Mini Cases

iPad Mini Case
iPad Mini Case

It seems that you have bought a new iPad. Great Job! Now you have your new iPad – it can be of any version like iPad pro, iPad mini, or iPad Air – but do you buy a new iPad mini case for your brand new device? To protect your device from accidental damage or mishap buying an iPad mini case is crucial for your device’s safety. These iPad mini cases would help you to keep your device in the condition in which you have got it.

However, some people are more comfortable with the metal look of the iPad and they argue that they use iPad in a safe environment means they just use iPad on their couches so there is no chance of any mishap and damage. Thus, they don’t need any waterproof or drop protection case. On the other hand, owing to the portability of the iPad many people want to bring iPad to various places and need protection for their devices. An iPad mini case ensures a good lifespan for your iPad device and saves you from costly repair or replacement.

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Types Of iPad Mini Case

 Let’s discuss the most trending iPad mini-cases.

1. JETECH Mini Case 

This iPad mini case is highly affordable, has 360o protection, pencil compatibility, and is a durable case. At first glance, you cannot tell the difference between JETECH and Apple Smart Folio. They both look the same but on a close glimpse, you would find a little bit of change with Apple’s version. Despite being cheaper as compared to the Apple Smart Folio case JETECH mini case has an add-on advantage of corner protection that provides your device with holistic safety. Owing to the low- cost and high durability of this case, it is the best option for protecting your iPad device.

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2. Spigen Rugged Armor Case

It is a trending type of rugged case that offers serious protection to iPad devices. Spigen rugged armor case not just provides a delicate look to your device but also this case uses Air Cushion Technology that absorbs shock and protects your device from bumps. It also offers extra protection with raising bezels around the camera and screen in case of any drop. But these cases are only for iPad mini 5 so if you want a case for your iPad mini 4 or iPad mini 6 then you have to look for another case.

3. Speck Candyshell Grip       

Some people want a case for protection of their iPad device that is easy to carry and compatible. The speck candyshell grip case is thin and stiff with a series of a mushy pad on the back that provides an easy grip to carry. These are weightless cases that are very light to be carried but provide great protection against any major or minor drop of your device. Like Spigen rugged armor case, the speck candyshell grip case also opens its bezels against the front screen on the falling iPad device.

4. Torro Magnetic Case

IPad mini 6 is an exquisite device and if you want to make it more special and personable to you by providing a premium case, then why not opt for a leather case? The Torro magnetic case is a leather case that is made up of cowhide leather with a fibre lining that prevents your device’s screen from scratching. The torro magnetic case can be used as a stand like any premium case to hold your iPad while placed on the table. Moreover, the magnet used in the Torro case attaches firmly to opening and closing your iPad device.

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5. ESR Rebound Slim Case

This slim, delicate, flexible, and soft case from ESR is available in three exotic colours black, rose gold, and metallic blue. This case has a scratch-resistant property which makes sure that this case would remain in the same condition as you bought it. It has also fitted magnetic technology that is firmly attached and ensures that your iPad device is closed in your bag. Moreover, this magnetic technology reassures you that your iPad would sleep when you close the case and when you open it your device wakes up.

6. WaterField Designs Slip Case and Smart Case  

Some iPad users want their iPad device case-free but at the same time, they want to make their iPad device safe and protected during travelling. WaterField Designs Slip Case and Smart Case provide trending and firm protection without adding up any burden to your bag. These waterfield covers are very light weighted as approximately have only three-ounce weight. Furthermore, these cases have a waterproof exterior with rigid panels that protect your device and are available in six sleek colours. Also, some extra padding along with rigid panels gives a bit more protection as compared to other cases.


An iPad case can provide your newly purchased iPad device protection against any dump, drop, falling and scratches. Moreover, iPad mini-cases can be used to magnify the functionality of the iPad device. All of the iPad mini cases as mentioned earlier in this blog have distinct features and benefits. It is up to you that you precisely note these features and decide which is best suited for you. And if you are looking for an iPad mini 6 case for your iPad mini 6 then Torro magnetic case is the best option for you. So, don’t overthink, go and buy it.