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6 types of mass communication theories that are beneficial for learning the concepts

BS Mass Communication

The communication process that takes place between your teacher and the students in your class is possible because of mass communication. Mass communication is not only limited to communication but the channels that carry the communication between two or more people. It could also be intrapersonal communication that takes place within.

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However, few theories are necessarily included in the subject for explaining the connections between the concepts.

  • Agenda setting theory

This theory argues that media works to develop an agenda of different news stories for the public. It measures how the same agendas are able to influence the public and their reaction to the story or the event. This theory gives an idea to you on observing how the public perceives the news. You can find which stories are interesting for the public, and what type of stories they like to hear about.

Using this theory you can publish about any event or news with a perspective to deliver it to your audience. And this is how they acquire the news published through your perspective.

  • Aristotle’s communication model

This theory is adapted from Aristotle’s model of mass communication back in 300 BC. The theory focuses on public speaking and the role of the audience in these situations. This theory has greatly influenced other communication theories over time. You will find five main elements in this model which are

  1. Speaker
  2. Speech
  3. Occasion
  4. Audience
  5. Effect
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  • Gatekeeping theory

Gatekeeping theory plays an important part in agenda-setting theory. Through this theory, you learn that a gatekeeper is responsible to decide what and type of information can pass through the gate to reach the audience. Eventually, the gatekeeper is the decision maker who decides what message and how will these reach the audience.

For instance, if you are the editor of any magazine or newspaper, you will have to decide which news is more likely to be published on the front page. The complete design of the magazine will depend upon your decision and you will be acting as the gatekeeper.

  • Limited effects theory

This theory claims that any type of media effect on individuals is limited. Even though a reader is influenced by the news or other information, the effect will be very minimal and for a short time. By analyzing this theory you will realize limited effects theory argues that each individual has their own choice to select which media source they need to consume and which they need not.

  • Media dependency theory

Dependency theory explains that there lies a link between the media, the audience and the broad social systems. These three rely on each other for information to achieve their goals. You must know that dependence in this theory is a result of factors like the need for understanding, information and entertainment among the audience. Factors that influence dependence theory are

  1. The individual’s role
  2. The stability of society
  3. The involvement of the audience
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  • Media richness theory

This theory describes that pieces of information are available through media channels at different levels of richness. Certainty and equivocality are two markers in this theory that explains how rich media should be in terms of responses. Researchers have classified the richness of media with each other on the basis of personal focus, feedback, types of cues and language usage.

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