7+ Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

7+ Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, you should maximise your online marketing efforts. That’s not always easy to do when you’re in charge of internal marketing. However, you can begin saving time and energy with these eight digital marketing tools.

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Google Analytics

If you’re serious about your online marketing efforts, you need Google Analytics. It gives your company invaluable information on the effectiveness of your website by showing, among other things, the behaviour of your site’s visitors and the elements that are most often used. Also, there is no cost associated with using Google Analytics. Moreover, this digital marketing solution offers a wide variety of adaptable features. For instance, you can build subgroups to zero in on your ideal clientele’s specific behaviours and routines. Users can also build dashboards to focus on the metrics that matter most to their business and digital marketing efforts.

Google Search Console

Another crucial (and free) digital marketing tool is the Google Search Console. You’re missing out on a huge opportunity for online marketing success if you haven’t already set up a Google Search Console account for your company. By using Google Search Console, businesses can gain insight into how their websites and content perform in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO). You can also be told when something goes wrong with your website, like when an important page goes missing or when a page isn’t set up for mobile devices.

In addition, your company can use Google Search Console to ensure that Google can crawl and index your site, an important step for search engine optimisation. You can also ask Google to index certain URLs, which is helpful if you move an important page on your site to a new location.

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When combined with Google services like Analytics and Search Console, Ahrefs provides an even more powerful digital marketing solution. Your company can get real-time data on your site’s performance and your competitors’ with Ahrefs. However, a monthly membership is needed for Ahrefs, unlike Google Analytics and Google Search Console. For only $7, your business can check out Ahrefs for a week and determine if it will be a good fit. The monthly fee for Ahrefs is well worth it for many businesses.


If you want to improve your content marketing approach and save money in the process, try using FAQ Fox, a free digital marketing solution. FAQ Fox is an excellent resource if you’re having trouble thinking of content ideas or want to learn more about your target demographic.


Buffer is a social media digital marketing solution. Buffer lets your business manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest posts. Buffer tracks your posts’ performance. Depending on your social media marketing strategy and social analytics requirements, you may invest in Buffer’s paid version.

Stock Up

Stock Up is your best bet if you need stock photos for your digital marketing campaigns. Stock Up can help you find the eye-catching visual content you need to grab the attention of your website’s visitors, whether you’re looking for an image for your website’s homepage or a picture to accompany your most recent blog post. Over 25,000 free stock photographs are available here. The site also provides a handy search function to help your staff quickly find their needs. It’s important to know that Stock Up gets its pictures from outside sources. When you download an image from Stock Up, you’ll be taken to a service run by a third party.

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Pixlr is a free digital marketing tool for image editing. With Pixlr, your company can eliminate expensive photo editing software without sacrificing photo editing tools. Pixlr is even web-based. Your team can use Pixlr without installing any software. They don’t have to download updates or wait.


Another free digital marketing tool for your online marketing strategy is Squoosh. Your team will be able to optimise the loading time of your website by compressing photos for the web with this tool. In addition to improving user experience, a speedier site gives positive signals to search engines like Google. Squoosh, like Pixlr, is web-based editing software. There is no software requirement. If you want to compress the most up-to-date photographs for your website, blog or guide, you must open your browser, go to Squoosh and get to work.

To Sum Up

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