8 Myths About Locs You Believe To Be True

8 Myths About Locs You Believe To Be True

8 Myths About Locs You Believe To Be True image source: naturallycurly
8 Myths About Locs You Believe To Be True

Locs have been a trend for a long time. They allow you to carry almost all hairstyles you wish for and require less maintenance. While you may want to start a locs journey, some myths exist that can stop you and compel you to give up this desire. We will refute those myths in this blog so you don’t fall for them. Without any further ado, let’s check out the 10 myths.

Every Hairspecialist Is A Loctician

When Starting a loss journey, you are most likely to reach out to a salon. Here is the problem, not all hair specialists are opticians. You have to check the available options and find which salon delivers loc services. Cincinnati residents can check loc styling near Cincinnati. Similarly, others can check according to their residential areas. 

Locs Grow Slower Than Loose Hair

Some People believe that locked hair doesn’t grow quickly enough. It could be because locked hair doesn’t look so lengthy. Despite this myth, locs grow. If you wait for some time, the length of your locs will be visible enough to notice them.

Locs Get Thinner With Growth

Locs get thinner as they grow, is the next myth you can encounter when starting your locs journey. The truth is, locs don’t become thin instead they protect your hair from environmental stressors and keep it healthy. If you do some unwanted twisting only then, you may face hair breakage that will occur in thinner-looking locs. 

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Locs Can Be Begun With Short Hair Only

While it’s possible to get locs with short hair, people misunderstand that this is the only way to get locs. You can start locs whenever you want and with any length of hair. If you have chemically straightened hair or it is overexposed to dyes only then, you are likely to start locs with new growth. Many people also start locs with short hair for a fresh and proper beginning.

Not Washing Your Hair For Locs

Frequently washing your locs at the initial stage could be prevented. But not washing locs for a long time can cause build up in locs and damage it. Dirty locs also won’t look well so, it’s advised that you must wash your locs within 6 weeks. In the beginning, you can wash locs gently, so that hair strands don’t get separated. 

Reducing Freez With Scissors

People consider using scissors to eliminate frizz from locs to be ok. We would like to tell them it can damage your locs. You can train your locs to grow in different ways by rolling them in your palm. You can also use a wrapping technique to get rid of frizz. 

Using Petroleum Products On Locs

Petroleum and alcohol products are dangerous for our hair and should not be used. These products are used to lubricate machinery, and using them would be like covering the body with a wrapper. In this situation, locs will not get enough oxygen, and there will be chances of losing hair. 

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Say No To Conditioner

Not using conditioners with a fear that hair won’t lock is pretty easy. We would like to tell you that there are multiple conditioners available to use carefree of locs getting separated. Shampoos will eliminate dirt and toxins from locs, but also lift necessary oils that hair needs. Conditioning your locs will make them smoother and prevent frizz.

Summing Up

Starting locs isn’t easy when you have multiple myths around. Some common myths are not using conditioner, using petroleum products on locs, eliminating frizz with scissors, and not washing locs for a long time. We have shared significant knowledge in our blog that will help you break through these myths and start your locs journey. Comment below and let us know which myth you believed first to be true.