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A Brief Guide to Liposuction

A Brief Guide to Liposuction

Today, people are obsessed with influential personalities and celebrities and want to look like them. It is unfortunate that they look for the same physical qualities in their partners as well. That is why the Z generation gives immense value to physical beauty and the ideal figure.

On the one hand, cosmetic procedures are becoming popular; on the other hand, boxy contouring and shaping procedures are also becoming high in demand. Many people prefer Dubai clinics today for surgeries. The reason is that there are some best plastic surgeons in Dubai who give the best advice and amazing results.

It is not so difficult to reduce a little weight to get back to the ideal measurements. All you have to do is eat a balanced diet and try to add workouts to your routine. However, not everyone is lucky enough to get fit this easily. Obese people face a challenging situation while trying to lose weight. Losing fat is the toughest task for such people. The weight gets stuck on some parts of the body, and the fat doesn’t shed with a diet.

Such people can look fit despite their balanced weight due to the stubborn fat in the specific area. Here is when you need to go for a surgical procedure like liposuction. It is not an overnight solution to getting slim. However, the procedure can help get rid of the stubborn fat in specific areas, including the abdomen, buttocks, hips, and tight.

How To Prepare For Liposuction?

As mentioned above, weight loss liposuction is an ideal way of getting rid of stubborn fat in specific areas of the body that doesn’t go away no matter what. That is why many people, who are fed up with fat tissues, opt for this procedure. Now let’s discuss how you can get prepared for plastic surgery.

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1.  Consult With The Surgeon

Every patient has several questions coming to mind before the procedure. That is why the procedure starts with a thorough consultation with the surgeon. During the consultation session, the surgeon asks about your health and if you have a medical history. He/she also analyze if you are in good health condition and suitable for the procedure. If you are taking some medication, he advises stopping those that can affect the procedure 3 weeks prior to the treatment. During the session, you can ask anything to clear your doubts and confusion.

2.  Precautions

How high the level of surgery will depend on the amount of fat you wish to remove. If you want a small surgery, it can be done in an office setup. However, if you want to remove fat in large amounts, your treatment will take place in a hospital setup with an overnight stay. So, keep your support system ready.

What You Can Expect After Surgery?

Now that we have discussed the first step, it’s time to start the treatment. Let’s discuss the procedure and the expectations below:

Before Liposuction

Before making the incision, the surgeon marks the areas that need to be treated in circles. He/she will also take pictures to compare the before and after situations. Furthermore, there are various types of liposuction, including tumescent liposuction, ultrasound-assisted liposuction, power-assisted liposuction, and laser-assisted liposuction. The surgeon decides the suitable procedure on the basis of various factors, including the body parts that need to be treated and whether you have had the procedure before.

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During The Surgery

During the procedure, you will be given anesthesia depending on the intensity of the procedure. In some cases, patients get only local anesthesia that numbs only the treated area. In some cases, patients get general anesthesia that makes them unconscious for some time.

After the first step, the surgeon will monitor your blood pressure and blood oxygen level throughout the procedure. The surgery can last up to several hours, depending on the amount of fat you want to remove. After waking up, the staff will monitor your recovery before discharging. You may also have to stay for a night in the hospital, depending on the level of surgery.

After The Surgery

It is not uncommon to notice bruising and feel pain after the surgery. The surgeon will prescribe medication to reduce pain and minimize the chances of infections. Your incisions will also be placed with temporary drains for draining fluids. Be mindful that you may notice some irregularities in contours as it takes time to fully see the results. However, it is quite important to get your case done by a professional. Liposuction Dubai procedures are popular all over the world because the emirate has some highly professional surgeons from around the world.

Wrapping Up

In all, with liposuction, losing stubborn fat is not as difficult as before. However, you must maintain the weight for long-lasting results. It is because the fat distribution may change by gaining weight.