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A Complete Guide To Deep Plane Facelift From The Best Newport Beach Plastic Surgeons

A facelift could drastically change the way you look, especially for those combatting the signs of aging. With the right type of facelift at the right time, the difference in your overall appearance could be so distinct that you would be showered with compliments no matter where you go. With the latest development in the medical field, you can now opt for even more advanced treatment options that could provide even better results. A deep plane facelift, one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, has been garnering the attention of many, thanks to its amazing benefits which show after the treatment. 

What Is A Deep Plane Facelift? 

As opposed to the traditional facelift treatment, a deep plane facelift focuses on “lifting” the Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System, also known as SMAS by releasing the retaining ligaments that are anchoring the SMAS to deeper tissue. It allows a more vertical lift of the face without relying too much on pulling on the skin causing stretches and pulled looks.

The incisions are made around the hairline and the ears which is followed by the actual lifting process that aims at tightening the skin and repositioning the loose facial muscles to a higher vertical position. With a deep plane facelift, there will be less tension on the skin leading to fewer surgical scars and you will look exactly as you did with your naturally youthful and glowing version of yourself.

How Is A Deep Plane Facelift Different From Traditional Facelifts And What Are Its Benefits?

While a Deep Plane facelift is essentially a cosmetic surgery technique that serves the same purpose as traditional facelifts, there are certain differences that provide for more long-lasting and authentic results for the former. 

  • More Effective Than SMAS Facelift: For traditional SMAS facelifts the mobile tissues are arranged in folds and sutured to the underlying immobile tissues that act as the base for the other lost muscles and connective tissues. The ligament stays attached and diminishes the scope of a facelift.  For a deep plane facelift, the ligaments are “released” which makes for better mobility of the SMAS that are lifted and repositioned. This technique allows longer-lasting and more rejuvenated results. 
  • Higher Recovery Time and Less Scar Marks: Compared to traditional facelifts, the recovery period required for a deep plane facelift is comparatively greater because your skin and connective tissues as well as the SMAS are undergoing more trauma than usual. Though the recovery period might be longer, the chances of visible scar marks are arguably lower for a deep plane facelift than its other alternatives. 
  • More Long-Lasting Results: The biggest advantage of a deep plane facelift is that its effect lasts way longer than a traditional facelift. Since this treatment focuses on specific areas of the face and penetrates deeper into the skin, you can enjoy your radiance and glow for ten years or more at a stretch. 
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If you have been struggling to combat the signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging and folded skin in the face and neck region, loose jawline, and more, it’s time you booked an appointment for a deep plane facelift with the best plastic surgeon in Newport Beach and gives yourself a boost of confidence!