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A comprehensive outlook on marijuana strain MK ultra- how to use it to get maximum high? 

Of all the Indica dominant strains available in the market, MK ultra has gained popularity over the years. It has a hypnotic and cerebral effect. It is the amalgamation of G-13 and OG kush strain. You can very well understand that it is a powerhouse of cannabis. In addition to this, it has a fruity and sweet flavor, which is refreshing and energizing.

Mk ultra Indica dominant, the heavy-hitting strain famous for its hypnotic effect. There are various experiments conducted on different strains of marijuana, and MK ultra is one of those. The psychedelic drug was used on participants to understand how they felt. There is no denying the fact that it is safe and validated.

Detailed analysis of MK ultra strain

MK Ultra is a favorite among cannabis users and has picked up momentum in the past. MK Ultra is a hybrid strain that is an offspring of two variants. This train is globally renowned for its hypnotic and cerebral effects. Given the robust nature of its impact, MK ultra strain cannot help a novice. Even seasoned medicinal or recreational cannabis users must be careful when consuming the MK ultra strain.

If you are thinking of trying the new variant, it is time you need to understand more about its impact. The strain will leave you sedated when you would not even want to move. Users believe the MK ultra effect is fast acting, hypnotic, and cerebral. Typically, users inhaling mku strain will feel euphoric and relaxed before they experience the physical impact. Some users also believe that MK ultra causes a mind-relaxing feeling, and you may use it as a healthy alternative.

  1. Aroma
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The MK ultra plant comes with a distinctive aroma. Cannabis cultivators believe it is an unusual mixture of lemon, burnt plastic, and diesel. Note that MK ultra has a pungent smell of sweet, earthy, and chemical-like aroma. As a result, you must ensure adequate ventilation when using MK ultra.

  • Flavor

While the aroma is overpowering, the flavor is not. It is a treat for your taste buds when you smoke it. Users generally say MK ultra’s savory and earthy flavor has given them a different experience. Inhaling MK ultra will provide you with a piney flavor and a woody touch.

  • Appearance

Looking at the appearance, MK ultra is a short plant that usually grows to 100 to 120 centimeters. The tight pods and dense flowers come with a layer of resinous trichome, which is sticky when you touch it.

Experienced cultivators believe that MK ultra is quite an easy strain to cultivate. The plant grows well in fertile soil. It naturally dresses mildew and mold and thrives in a warm climate. So there is no problem when it comes to cultivating MK ultra strain on their fields.Coming to the CBD and THC content, remember that the MK ultra strain comes with an average THC content of 20%. 

MK Ultra is relatively high in THC content compared to CBD, which is around 0.20%. However, a few samples contain more than 22% of THC content. The main point here is that it will give you an increased feeling and is the best recreational option.

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