A Guide on Type Approval for Telecommunications Apparatus in UAE

Technology is evolving at a rapid speed. It is imperative to make regulations for ensuring an increasing use of technology in the modern world. Keeping this in view, the United Arab Emirates have released a version 2.0 of regulatory compliance “New Types Approval” for maintaining law and order in the telecommunication sector.

Are you going to setup a business related to telecommunication?  It would help if you had a comprehensive guide for getting type approval from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). Keep reading!

A comprehensive guide about Type Approval from TRA in UAE

Nevertheless, setting a business in telecommunication industry can be a daunting task. Without having proper know-how of the things and laws, people can end up in disappointment along with wastage of their investment. So, it is better to have a look at the modifications in the type approval, versions detail, applications, and process of approval. Consider the given below:

Consider major updates first

It is imperative to understand the critical changes made by the UAE authorities to improve transparency and accountability in using telecommunication equipment. In this regard, three levels of compliance are introduced, including:

  • Level 1: Declaration of Conformity
  • Level 2: General Equipment Registration
  • Level 3: Advance Equipment Registration

If you face difficulty in understanding the levels, you may get assistance from reliable agencies dealing in TRA type approval throughout the UAE. The experts can help you ensure effective compliance.

Ensure the use of Approval Regime Conformity Mark

Besides this, registered importers and manufacturers of equipment used in telecommunication need to ensure TRA declaration of conformity card. It means that manufacturers and importers need to use Type Approval Regime Conformity Mark on their products packages while selling the products in the UAE market. All products should contain a statement card, including:

  • The tag marked in white and black color
  • The QR code containing the necessary information
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Understand mobile selling compliance

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) UAE is working to lock down fake mobile devices. Now, telecommunication companies in Dubai dealing in manufacturing and mobile selling can eliminate the risks of counterfeit while using this update.

Submit the application for approval

The registered dealers of telecommunication equipment can submit an application for the approval from the UAE authorities by paying a defined fee. It is essential to provide a Declaration of Conformity explaining the technical standards in compliance with RTTE conforms. Besides this, it is essential to submit a technical datasheet comprising facts and letters of support from authorized agents.

In a case that you have already for approval for the RTTE in difference jurisdictions, you must provide the supporting documents. It doesn’t need any foreign approval if the dealers are already registered. The process of registrations usually takes two weeks, and its duration is three years. After that, you need to get a renewal from the TRA.

Consider rules for compliance

It is imperative to note that Telecommunication Regulation Authority UAE ensures proper surveillance for Type Approval regime compliance. Therefore, you must consider working according to the regulations while undertaking any business endeavor.

A failure to comply with any clauses under the laws or false claim for securing a Type Approval is a crime under the Telecommunication Law article 73. It also applies to the uses and selling of any telecommunication setups linked with a Public Telecommunication Network.

So, if the authorities come to know that an apparatus is attached to the telecommunication system without taking approval, the individual or party is liable to be punished under the law. The punishment can be either imprisonment or fine and even both. The imprisonment cannot be more than one year while the fine is limited under AED 200,000.  In this regard, the Telecommunication Regulation Authority is responsible for taking the desired action based on the situation.

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Hire consultants for getting Type approval in UAE?

The United Arab Emirates has made laws to combat mishandlings in the telecommunication industry. According to the UAE Telecommunications Law (Federal Law No. 3 of 2003), use, selling, and connecting with a telecommunication apparatus without getting a “Type Approval” is an offence.

If you are dealing with such business or buying or selling telecommunication equipment, you must check for the approval related matters to avoid legal inconvenience. Getting help from reliable experts handling TRA Type Approval can help you exclusively in ensuring competence and compliance. Professionals can help you with the following:

  • Identify the requirements applicable to your situation and business nature
  • Identification of technology features for regulation compliance
  • Offer pre-compliance testing while designing and deployment during the compliance phase
  • Assist comprehensively in applying, documents management and completion of the TRA approval process

The Type Approval for Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE) is aimed at protecting the safety, health and eliminating electromagnetic disturbance to offer a significant experience to the end-users. So, don’t forget to comply with rules and regulations!

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