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A Look at the Two Widely Used Marijuana Strains: White OG Strain & Mars OG Strain

Marijuana Strains

White OG is a cannabis strain that originated in the United States. The ‘OG’ in the name is sometimes mistaken with ‘Original Gangster,’ since it has been claimed by a number of rappers, including Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and 2 Chainz. Experts think that the OG in the moniker most likely stands for “Ocean Grown,” indicating to the strain’s origins on the West Coast. White OG, commonly known as “White OG Kush” or “White Kush OG,” is a Karma Genetics indica marijuana strain created by crossing The White with SFV OG Kush. This indica strain has the White’s massive trichome covering, as well as the Kush aroma of earthy pine and lemon. Keep reading this post if you are looking to buy marijuana weed online.

White OG strainis a mix between The White and SFV OG Kush that has won numerous awards, including the Cannabis Cup’s overall prize in 2010 and 2014.White OG amazing flavors and hard-hitting effects this sought-after heiress from Karma Genetics will certainly become your next favorite go-to strain. It’s no wonder that it’s winning accolades and slowly becoming a top-tier strain thanks to ridiculously high THC levels of over 24% and a well-known heritage. The milky white trichomes and flaming orange hairs on these forest green nugs give them the appearance of being scorched to the touch.

There are notes of bright lemon, earthy pine, and crisp wintergreen on the nose. The flavors of citrus and musk dominate, making this a distinctive strain. White OG’s high can only be characterized as extremely sedative. The massive brain rush that follows the first hit blinds you, leaving you disoriented and stoned with absolutely no functional ability. This powerful high is ideal for a late-night sleep aid or an all-night mental blackout. Eat it immediately before night to get the most out of it.

White OG Strain’s Usage

This strain is excellent for relieving insomnia. It’s completely numbing effects will send you to sleep without requiring any action on your part. Allow plenty of time for the narcotic-like high to wear off, since you’ll be sleeping for the remainder of the night.

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It’s also good for:

  • pain relief
  • headaches
  • cramps
  • muscle spasms
  • muscle tightness

It’s a strong sedative. This is a popular indoor plant that flowers in 10 to 11 weeks and yields a large harvest if properly cared for. This plant will develop to be a medium-sized plant with a citrus and pine perfume and is recommended for intermediate and expert gardeners.

What does it taste like when you eat it?

OG Kush has an incredibly pungent flavor that many people identify right once, in addition to its significant physiological benefits. It has an earthy flavor that tastes like woodsy, oaky, piney characteristics. The strain is said to have a subtle citrus flavor due to its Lemon Thai forebears.

Mars OG Strain

Mars OG Strain is a spacey hybrid strain with a hefty body buzz that developed in the California bay area. The aroma of Mars OG is strong, earthy, and citrusy, filling the senses with joy. The rich taste of Mars OG is reminiscent of the original OG Kush, and it will most likely bring back memories. Mars OG often has a THC content of 15 to 16 percent. Strains named after planets typically began their existence indoors before being taken outside later. As a result, the growth cycle concludes in a more natural way. As a result of the high flower-to-leaf ratio, the Mars OG produces a robust smoke that strikes harder and lasts longer.

Mars OG’s Side Effects

Mars OG has deep green buds that are heavily covered in red and orange hairs, giving it the appearance of the planet it is named after. Magic mushrooms for sale has various benefits. The trichomes are a sight to behold, with their gently shimmering appearance. Even among its planetary equivalents, it is regarded as powerful. To experience the benefits of Mars OG, you only need two tokes, and each extra toke tends to extend the duration of the effects.

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Everyday Uses of Mars OG Strain

Mars OG relieves insomnia by lulling users into a deep, restful sleep. It can also be used to ease tension and as a pain reliever in general. Mars OG can also help people control their anxiety, and it may even help with the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Bipolar Disorder. People with epilepsy may benefit from Mars OG by preventing seizures or providing relief during the painful post-seizure period. Feelings of relaxation, exhilaration, and tiredness will be felt by users. Because Mars OG has been linked to ‘couch-lock,’ it’s preferable to consume it late at night or on days when you don’t have anything planned.

It can aid with physical aches as well as catching some z’s. It is said to help with a number of chronic pain disorders, including migraines and sore muscles, according to several users. In addition to its health benefits, Mars OG boasts a strong yet pleasant citrusy aroma and a rich, earthy flavor.

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