A Retrospective of the Greatest Cartoon Shows

The Cartoon Crush Series on FinalBoss features bite-sized essays written by Jon Holmes on current cartoons and their effect on how we watch television – their humble origins, legacies, and maybe a snide or two at what they used to be! This is a drinking game.

Take a shot every time I mention The Simpsons… (Do not attempt this.) I hope to see you on the other side. Each Cartoon Crush article is shown below, all in one place. Browse, read, and have an unforgettable experience. FinalBoss.io examines some great television masterpieces.

Spongebob inventor Stephen Hillenburg is remembered

The most recent Cartoon Crush episode discusses a show I grew up watching while also reflecting on Hillenburg’s legacy. Spongebob is a cartoon that, because of its exceptional ability to entertain both children and adults at the same time, would eventually help me establish a foundation and develop my comedic style as a future screenwriter.

Want to learn more about Spongebob’s creators and what makes him so popular? This is the first Cartoon Crush article.

“Homer at the Bat,” The Series Home Run

Although I could write an article about how The Simpsons Portrait has forever lost its way, this is a love letter to my favorite Simpsons episode of all time. Homer at the Bat stands up as a game-changing moment in baseball history. I’m still thinking about the song. It is no longer present!

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Simpsons Portrait of Brilliant Irrelevance

Family Guy is a staple on our television screens, never obligatory viewing but always present. It’s the perfect “background” software that never attempts to be anything else.

Even after all these years, Family Guy remains the mischievous younger brother who is completely satisfied in his place and is constantly willing to transgress.

Understanding Sanchez, Rick

Rick Sanchez is my favorite asshole in the area of animation. In this post, I investigate Rick’s reasons, why he commits such heinous crimes on a regular basis, and why we find it so appealing. I wonder how we, the audience, can continue to let him get away with this. Maybe we’re all just a bunch of naïve sadists. Who am I to say?

Are you a fan of Rick and Morty, namely Rick? Join me as I investigate what distinguishes Rick from other cartoon characters and what makes him the Richest Rick.

Bob’s Burgers’ Ordinary Genius

Bob and his family make a living working in greasy eateries while his children attend school in a desolate civilization not far from our own. This essay focuses on that little community, its strangely grounded reality, and its distinct brand of realism inside it, as well as this baseball cap.

I talk about Bob Belcher’s general sense of grandeur and lack of obnoxiousness. And, oddly, that is precisely what distinguishes this program from the competition.

South Park’s Persistence

Despite the fact that South Park is one of the oldest films on our list. It is still regarded as a genre master. South Park maintains its pace. It’s a ritual that becomes stronger with each new season, upending and mocking the present zeitgeist.

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Here, we discuss how South Park has remained awe-inspiring throughout its run and how it will continue to delight in exploring the darkest, most extreme locations that no one else will.

This article discusses how South Park has stayed amazing throughout its existence and how it will continue to take great pleasure in visiting the most remote, extreme locales that no one else will.

Despite being one of our list’s more seasoned movies, South Park. It continues to be considered as a genre pioneer. South Park keeps moving forward. With each new season, the ritual gets stronger and upends and mocks the current zeitgeist.

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