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A Sneak Peek at the New Peloton Rowing Machine


If you’re looking for a way to get your heart rate up while enhancing your strength, there’s a new home workout option on the horizon. It’s the New Peloton Rowing Machine and it could be just what you need to take your exercise game to the next level.

Like Peloton’s other smart fitness machines, the Row has a 24-inch HD touchscreen that displays live classes. It also features Form Assist, which provides personalized feedback about your rowing form.

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After years of urging customers to bike and run, Peloton is finally getting into the rowing game with its new New Peloton Rowing Machine. The company’s first new home fitness device in years is a heavy, 8-foot-long machine that weighs 156 pounds.

The New Peloton Row features a 24-inch high-definition touchscreen that swivels and tilts. It also has a heart rate monitor that can be set to monitor your workouts.

Another big feature is Form Assist, which is a form calibration that is specific to your body. This helps you improve your rowing form, so it can help prevent injuries.

Personal Pace Targets are another great feature. These let you adjust the difficulty level of your classes based on your physical limitations, so you don’t feel like you’re going too hard or too easy.

Other features include a 24-inch high-definition screen that rotates and tilts, a heart rate monitor, and an adjustable damping system that makes the rower quiet.


As the fitness world continues to evolve, Peloton has been bringing new products to the table. Its Bike, Bike Plus, Guide and Tread have all been successful and they continue to grow their audience.

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Adding rowers to their line-up is one way they can appeal to an entirely new group of athletes and get more people involved in Peloton workouts. Unlike other fitness equipment, rowing is not intuitive, so a rower with a form-assist feature can be a great way to start off and teach the basics.

The Peloton Row uses sensors in the flywheel, handlebar and seat to track your form and make sure you are rowing correctly. As you row, the system highlights parts of your body that are incorrect with a little figure on the screen.


Peloton is well known for their high-end fitness equipment that combines sleek design with unique features. Their latest device is no different.

The New Peloton Rowing Machine combines the best of their studio-based workouts with hardware innovations that will optimize your workout. It includes personal pace targets to adjust your difficulty level, form assist real-time monitoring, and a 24-inch HD screen that tilts 25 degrees vertically and 45 degrees horizontally.

It’s important to note that the resistance on the Peloton Rowing Machine isn’t generated in the same way as a bike’s magnetic flywheel, but instead it’s self-adjusting based on how hard you pull the handle. This makes the Peloton Rowing Machine a lot quieter than some of their competitors.

This is a great rowing machine if you’re looking for a high-end piece of equipment and don’t mind paying for it. However, if you’re more casual or don’t need all the extra features, there are a lot of other options out there.


In a moment of bright spot during a week of gloom, connected fitness brand Peloton announced its new rowing machine. The sneak peek is just a few quick shots, but it looks like a sleek, minimal rower that’s in line with the rest of the company’s bike and treadmill offerings.

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It’s also equipped with Form Assist, which measures your body position hundreds of times a second to provide real-time feedback on your form during class. If the rower sees that you have a form error, it’ll highlight in red the part of the stroke where you need to correct your form.

The rower is available for preorder in the U.S., starting at $3,195. That includes a warranty, but not a Peloton All Access membership.

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