According To FBI Statistics, 10 Most Dangerous Places In New York

The most dangerous places to reside in New York State are covered in this post. Check if your town is among those listed. Many people immediately think of New York City when they think about the US.

Each year, the FBI distributes statistics on state-level crime, which the website utilizes to create rankings of the most hazardous cities in the nation. 

We already know all the beautiful parts of the city. Still, if you’re interested in learning where the risk lies, you should carefully review the Top 10 list of New York’s most hazardous locations.

10 Most Dangerous Places In New York in 2022

Since the epidemic started, there have been more violent episodes, making New Yorkers worried. But the fact that people are generally anxious hides the fact that crime is still at historic lows. According to FBI statistics, the trend for violent crime in the US has usually been lower since the 1990s, even if it has stayed relatively consistent during the previous few years.


With a total of 42 murders for the year, Rochester had more murders per inhabitant than any other city in our top 10. With this added to the 92 rapes, 918 robberies, and 1,055 assaults, Rochester had 2,107 violent crimes overall in 2016, which was the fourth-highest rate per person.


We regret to inform our friends that Buffalo, New York, is the most hazardous city in the state. With a population of nearly 258,000, Buffalo, ranked as the second-most dangerous city in our state the previous year, jumped up the list this year. Buffalo has the highest violent crime rate in New York, with 1,042 violent offenses per 100,000 population.

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In Binghamton, the total crime rate is about two times higher than the US average. The city has the third-highest burglary rate in the state and averages one violent crime daily. RoadSnacks claims that Binghamton has the meanest roadways in the whole Empire State. [1]

The Village of Johnson City

With 14,866 residents, the Village of Johnson City has 69 violent crimes. It now ranks 19th in terms of violent crimes committed per person. However, Johnson City had the most significant number of property crimes, with 949 (828 robberies, 111 invasions, and ten vehicle thefts). As a result, the highest number of overall crimes per person. Residents thus faced a 1 in 15 probability of being a victim of crime.


The Great New York State Fair is held in Syracuse, but the city is also very violent. With 32 murders in 2020, Syracuse has the fifth-highest violent crime rate in New York. Additionally, Syracuse had the highest state-wide burglary rate, indicating that property crime is also a problem.


The rate of violent crime in Newburgh was 11.5. In Newburgh, there was a 1 in 86 risk that someone might become a victim of violent crime. In 2019, Newburgh was rated 36th. The violent crime rate in Newburgh was 12.7 in 2019. In Newburgh, the likelihood of becoming a victim of violent crime was 1 in 79.


Utica had a lot of crimes, 2,889 in total in 2013, which was a lot across the board. With 61,686 people, it had the 14th highest population density: 2528 property offenses and 361 violent crimes made up this total.

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The capital of New York State remains the seventh most hazardous city, unchanged from the list from the previous year. Albany is home to about 100,000 people, and while its position may not have changed from the last year, recent trends in the city’s property and crime rates give us optimism that it may eventually drop down the list.


The second-highest rape rate in the state is found in Watertown. The FBI reported that there were no murders in 2020. You should be on the lookout for porch pirates in this area because inhabitants of Watertown also had a 1 in 25 probability of becoming the victim of a property crime.

Schenectady County

With a crime rate of 360.2, Schenectady County is second among counties in the Capital Region but fourth overall in New York. Another precarious neighborhood in New York City is this one.


In New York City, violent crime rates are still at record lows. However, rather than being affected by objective data, people’s opinions on weapons and crime are frequently shaped by what they see and hear. For the first time in their lives, a younger generation of New Yorkers is witnessing a prolonged increase in crime rather than a drop.


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