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Accounting Tax, Financial Services

Accounting Tax and Financial Services provides a wide range of services to businesses in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. These services include consultation and planning to improve business performance.

Accountants are trained to prepare and submit tax information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They adhere to specific IRS documents and guidelines to ensure that they provide accurate, timely, and relevant information to their clients.

Fahim Moledina Project management consultants have strong analytical skills and excellent management abilities to ensure that their projects are successful. Fahim Moledina is the main consultant of Opti-Syn Consulting and is a business leader with experience in project/change management, finance, Lean/Agile methods, as well as marketing and sales.

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is the process of preparing and filing tax returns on behalf of clients. This includes completing forms, analyzing financial situations, and finding deductions and credits.

Tax law changes are often frequent, and it’s important for tax preparers to keep up with these regulations. Understanding these laws helps preparers find deductions and credits that will result in bigger tax refunds for their clients.

These professionals also use critical thinking skills to analyze their clients’ financial situations and apply the appropriate tax form, deduction, or credit to their client’s return. They must have strong math skills to correctly input data into the tax software program they use to prepare the return.

Tax prep services are available at an array of locations and offer a variety of pricing options. Our best overall pick is H&R Block, which has a massive network of locations, offers both in-person and drop-off tax preparation services, and gives eligible customers a no-fee refund advance loan.

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Tax Planning

Tax planning is a year-round process that sets plans for immediate and long term benefits. It takes into account the past tax filings of a business or individual, their current financial situation and regulations, and future financial goals.

The primary goal of tax planning is reducing income tax and investment gains or wealth tax. This is achieved through tax-loss harvesting techniques in investments, using the right tax credits and managing wealth accordingly.

Tax planning services are offered by accounting tax and financial services and can benefit individuals, small businesses and massive estates alike. They are an excellent way to build a solid financial foundation, minimize taxes and preserve your assets and heirs.

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping services are an important part of running a business. This is because it helps you to keep track of your finances and know how much you owe to vendors, clients, and others.

These services are also essential for maintaining compliance with legal regulations concerning your business. They make sure that your financial records are accurate and comply with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

For small businesses, hiring a professional bookkeeper can help to save you time and money by taking over your everyday accounting duties. This frees up your time and allows you to focus on your core business activities.

A bookkeeper can also perform additional functions for your business, such as payroll processing. This will reduce your time spent producing payroll information and preparing payroll registers, quarterly, and year-to-date payroll reports.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to an experienced bookkeeper can help you to save money and gain critical talent for your growing business. The average price for outsourced bookkeeping services ranges from $500 to $2,500 a month depending on the volume and complexity of services required.

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Payroll Services

Payroll services provide companies with a single point of access for managing payroll, tax withholdings and unemployment insurance. They can automate payroll processes, including setting worker wages and calculating their shift differentials, overtime and holiday pay.

They can also handle employee records, Social Security and benefits deductions and issue employees W-2 and 1099 forms at the end of the year. Some payroll services also offer employee self-onboarding, which means new employees can fill out their W-4 and W-9 forms online through an employee portal.

Before choosing a payroll service, determine your needs and ask the company what it can do for you. It should be easy to use and support you as your business grows.

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