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Also known as AMK, Alang Madan Kulang trek is located in the Nashik district of Maharashtra. Alang is a fort located in the Kalsubai range. The name Alang Madan Kulang is derived from the names of three forts Alangad Fort, Madangad Fort and Kulangad Fort which connects the trek. Although the forts are famous among tourists, path leading to the forts is a bit difficult due to the presence of rains and rocky trails.

AMK trek is one of the most challenging treks in Maharashtra owing to the challenging water routes and dense forests. Despite the fact that it is a two-day expedition, it also requires high mountaineering skills. It is advisable to have some trekking experience prior to choosing this trek trip. Also, this hike is not advisable for solo travellers and is suitable for groups of friends or family. Top 65 CrackStreams Alternatives Sites To Watch NFL, NHL & UFC

Near Alang Madan Kulang trek, Sandhan valley trek is situated which is one of the most popular trek in the area.

Starting of the trek

the trek starts with large grasslands and soon you will find yourself amidst the dense forest. If you will look closely into the forest and blessed you will be able to spot some wildlife. However, you will also find big rocks and stones through the forest so you need to be extra careful while here.

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Infact you should hire a guide in case you don’t have any prior experience and of course you need to follow the footsteps of your guide. It is better that you avoid tobacco/smoking here and be safe. 

You will also encounter some fort remains and caves. These forts were made when we were being ruled by British so that means these were made some centuries ago. These forts are popularly known as Madankhinds. The fort ruins that you see are situated to the east.

The mountainous terrain and the descents make it more challenging. And this makes it all the more interesting. You can also easily choose from where to start and where to end the trek as there are many base villages which can be the starting point. 

While, you might not have this opportunity of pick and choose with the other treks this thing makes it a unique trek to consider. Ghatghar to Kurungwadi is considered to be the best route as you will experience the views of all the three forts when you start.

Also, it can be done vice-versa, stat from Kurungwadi and end at Ghatghar. However, there would be steep climb from Kurungwadi and an easy descent while moving towards Ghatghar. 

Since this trek can be easily completed in two days, travel plan can be considered as below-

Day1- Ghatghar to Alang Fort and Alang Fort to Madan Fort

Day2- Madan Fort to Kulang Fort and Kulang Fort to Kurungwadi

Ghatghar to Alang Fort

Distance- 6.75 kms

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Duration- 4 hours

The trek starts with farmlands and there is a large well here which is a way marker to Alang Fort. As you move towards right, you will start seeing a clearer view of all the three forts. You will find a large stream of water among grasslands and will gradually ascend to the forest.

After moving sometime in forest, the trail turns completely rocky. You reach the top of Alang Fort after 1-2 hours and will witness some water cisterns in the ruins of the fort.   

Alang Fort to Madan Fort

Distance- 2.60 kms

Duration- 4 hours

This is a tricky descent to begin with. If you are travelling in larger groups then plan your travel before time so tha you reach before sunset as moving in larger groups in itself is a big challenge. There is a famous point called col (or Madankhind) which is in between Alang and Madan forts and also a common connecting point. 

Madan Fort to Kulang Fort

Distance- 3.20 kms

Duration- 4 hours

After moving through the rocky trails and forest you reach the col between Madan and Kulang fort. Travel straight by taking the trail you will reach ledge. You get to see the various peaks and farmlands from here. The breath-taking views from here will leave you speechless. 

Kulang Fort to Kurungwadi 

Distance- 5.05 kms

Duration- 4 hours

This is the end route of this trek. Continue travelling on the hill and take a left for a way to Kurungwadi. Descend down to forest which is filled with rocks and boulders. After travelling for a while, you will reach farmlands of villages. 

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A 3km walk from here till Kurungwadi marks the end of this trek.

Shorter Route

And if you want to go for a short trek then travelling from Ghatghar to Kulang Fort and Kulang Fort to Ghatghar can also be considered. 

Best time to Visit

October to February is the best time to visit this trek. 

Presence of Mountainous terrains makes it a difficult trek to do during monsoons.

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