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Pets, equines… All about the certificate of commitment and knowledge


The law aimed at combating animal abuse and strengthening the bond between animals and humans was promulgated on November 30, 2021. It provides in particular for the implementation of a “certificate of commitment and knowledge” compulsory for purchasers of a pet (from October 1, 2022) and for owners of horses (from December 31, 2022). Find all the information about it.

The first implementing decree for the law was published on July 19, 2022 click here for more info.

What is the “commitment and knowledge certificate”?

The commitment and knowledge certificate exists for two categories of animals: pets and equines. It responds to the importance of raising awareness and empowering holders. This certificate must be signed by the new purchaser who must affix a handwritten note by which he undertakes to respect the needs of the animal.

What is the list of animals concerned?

In addition to cats and dogs, the pets concerned are ferrets and lagomorphs (hares, rabbits) which are not intended for human consumption. This certificate also applies to equidae.

From what date is it required?

The certificate of commitment and knowledge for pets is applicable from October 1, 2022 for anyone who acquires a dog, cat, ferret or rabbit. That for equines is applicable from December 31, 2022 for any holder of a horse, donkey, hinny or mule.

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By whom is it issued?

For pets, it is issued by a person holding the Attestation of Knowledge for Pets of Domestic Species (ACACED) or one of its equivalents: this may be the owner, a veterinarian, a breeder, a manager of a shelter or an animal protection association, for example. As for the purchaser, after having read the content of the certificate, he signs it and clearly writes that he undertakes to respect the needs of the animal. The transferor has the obligation to verify that the purchaser has signed the certificate 7 days before the acquisition.

ACACED is the certificate of knowledge relating to the biological, physiological, behavioral needs and maintenance of pets which is issued by the DRAAF (regional directorates for food, agriculture and forestry). It follows the evaluation which takes place at the end of training delivered by an organization authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty. Professionals carrying out an activity related to dogs and cats must have ACACED or be in possession of an equivalent professional certification (these equivalences are listed in a decree).

What elements are mandatory?

The certificate specifies several information depending on the species:

  • the physiological, behavioral and medical needs of the species;
  • obligations with regard to identification – the latter is essential to limit the abandonment of animals;
  • the implications of keeping an animal. Indeed, any detention has a financial cost (food, possible custody, care, etc.) and logistics (custody in case of absence, necessary space, daily outings, food, etc.).

Is there a certificate template?

A technical instruction from the ministry, published on November 17, specifies the content of the certificate of commitment and knowledge issued before the acquisition of a pet as well as its terms of issue and use.

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Technical instruction – Certificate of commitment and knowledge issued before acquiring a petpdf – 522.16 KB click here for more details

It offers in appendices examples of commitment and knowledge certificates, for each of the species concerned (dog, cat, ferret, rabbit), which you can also download below:

  • Certificate of commitment and knowledge for the acquisition of a dog
  • Certificate of commitment and knowledge for the acquisition of a cat
  • Certificate of commitment and knowledge for the acquisition of a ferret
  • Certificate of commitment and knowledge for the acquisition of a rabbit

The certificate of commitment and knowledge for the acquisition of an equine is being developed, and will be available very soon.

Is it also mandatory for donations of pets between individuals?

Yes, it is compulsory for any natural person who acquires a pet or a horse for payment or free of charge.

What risks does an animal owner risk if this certificate is not provided?

An upcoming decree will specify the penalties:

  • for the assignor who does not verify that the acquirer has signed a certificate;
  • for the person issuing a non-compliant certificate.
    In any case, the purchaser cannot adopt or buy his animal without this certificate.

How to check that the certificates of knowledge will be provided, especially for individuals?

The seller must ensure that the buyer has the certificate before selling a pet. The transfer of the pet cannot take place less than 7 days after the certificate is issued to the transferee.

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