An Overview of SSL Certificates That You Should Know

SSL Certificate

Getting an SSL certificate is perhaps the most important thing you can do to protect your customers’ data, regardless of whether your business is small or large. You’ll want to keep their information protected by architecture implementing current encryption standards. And don’t worry: getting an SSL certificate has never been easier. The information you need is below.

What is an SSL Certificate?

The purpose of a cheap SSL certificate is to use public key cryptography to encrypt and decrypt HTTP transmissions, giving transmitted data the appearance that it has been secured. This encryption prevents unwanted parties from accessing information sent over the internet, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, pictures and other personal and financial information.

Types of Cheap SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are industry standards that help ensure your website is secure and protect your users’ private information. There are three types of SSL Services – Domain Validation, Organization Validation and Extended Validation. Below, we will thoroughly. 

Domain Validation

Domain Validation (DV) SSL is a website’s most common form of identity validation. Simply put, any website builder or marketing platform can use any domain you register to validate its connection. The encryption is also not as strong as other types of certificates, but it offers the lowest cost for obtaining a cheap SSL, making it a good option for those running smaller sites or blogs.

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Interestingly, this type of validation is a relatively simple process and utilizes public information to confirm the ownership of a website. Following these guidelines is all you need to do since the process is automated. If you fail any of the steps, your certificate will not be issued.

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Organization Validation

These validations (OV) SSL Certificates are the standard for trustworthiness, as they are issued after a thorough validation and verification process. The certificate authority checks several aspects, including the legitimacy and identity of your business, its physical location, and its domain name. On top of this, all OV SSL require the company’s real legal entity to be stated in their WHOIS details. Organization Validation of SSL is the fastest and easiest way to implement your internal security policies.

Extended Validation

An extended validation SSL service, also known as an EV SSL certificate, is a permanent certification similar to standard SSL certificates. These certificates can help improve your website’s ranking in search engines due to its more secure infrastructure and the high level of trust placed in sites that use EV SSL service. This validation is the highest level of security you can get in a digital certificate. The certificate vetting process is extensive and includes a review of your business plan, financials and website content by an authorized third-party organization.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

A wildcard SSL certificate offers an easy way to secure multiple subdomains and increase your website’s security. Wildcard SSL services provide an affordable and flexible solution for securing multiple domains or subdomains on one network with a single SSL Certificate. 

SSL Certificate Provider

Unfined Communications SSL Certificate

The Unfined Communications SSL offers a secure connection to your website by encrypting data in both directions. Identity verification and securing personal and financial information are two ways to protect yourself and your clients from impersonation.  

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How Can You Buy an SSL Certificate For Your Website?

You will need to contact a trusted Certificate Authority to buy an SSL certificate for your website. When you purchase an SSL service, you’re paying to receive an electronic code that verifies your identity online. Security certificates are valid for one year, but the entire process doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Security certificates are valid for one year, but it’s an easy process. You can find cheap SSL certificates for your website from several providers near you. Either option is acceptable, depending on your preference. Before getting such services, you should consider these key points:

Features You Can Avail 

SSL certificate helps your website to accomplish a trusted identity and encrypt the secure connection between a browser and a server. There is a number of features you can avail of a cheap SSL certificate, like High encryption strength and strong identity authentication, Fast page load speed, Perfect for eCommerce websites, and Comfortable to use with all browsers – including mobile devices. 


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