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Are You Still Worried About The Lack Of Power Support For Outdoor Travel?

Are you still worried about the lack of power support for outdoor travel? Sungold BXF series will provide you with the optimal solution. The BXF series is one of Sungold’s best-selling portable solar panels. It is loved by users in Europe and North America, and is an essential power source for most outdoor travel users. Whenever you go outdoors for activities, do you feel anxious because your mobile phone or other small electronic devices are out of power and you cannot enjoy the happy time? 


Sungold’s BXF portable charging bag will help you solve this trouble. The BXF series adopts advanced technology and polymer materials, which have stronger impact resistance and crack resistance, effectively prolonging the service life of solar panels. BXF series solar panels are lightweight and portable, and can be easily hung on backpacks and tents.

Folding And Portable Design

The BXF-M series of portable solar panels are light in weight, with a foldable design and polygonal hanging holes, which can easily hang tents or backpacks on the surface and take up little space, making them easy to store and carry. It can be adjusted according to the usage scene and sunlight angle to achieve higher conversion efficiency.The Sungold BXF series is mainly lightweight and easy to carry. It will neither be very heavy and difficult to carry during outdoor activities, nor will it take up too much space due to its huge size.

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High Conversion Efficiency

Sungold BXF series adopts A-level monocrystalline silicon solar cells to improve the energy conversion efficiency of solar panels. In the case of sufficient sunlight, the charging current can reach 3A, and the charging efficiency is high.Sungold BXF series provides you enough power to provide more fun for your outdoor life.


One-Piece Lamination

Sungold BXF series portable solar panels are made with one-piece lamination process, which not only makes the product have a beautiful appearance, but also has stronger impact and crack resistance. Foldable solar panels are lightweight, portable, and designed for charging small electronic devices like phones and tablets.Even outdoors, there is no need to worry that Sungold BXF series products will be easily damaged and cannot be used.

IP 67 Waterproof

Waterproof grade IP67, easy to clean, deep embossed surface, durable, efficient and long service life. The ETFE composite outer film has good weather resistance, UV resistance and aging resistance, which greatly prolongs the service life of solar panels. Because the waterproof feature of the Sungold BXF series is more suitable for outdoor use, it can be used safely in lakes, rivers or even seaside environments where there is water.

BXF (2)

USB Charging Interface

Sungold BXF series is equipped with dual USB charging ports, which are suitable for iOS and Android systems, and can directly provide power support for mobile phones and other USB interface devices, providing perfect protection for travel, no need to worry and worry about the power out of electronic devices.


Sungold BXF series is suitable for most outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hiking, camping, cycling, traveling, fishing, etc. It is an essential power source for outdoor travel. Let’s bathe and enjoy the warm sunlight in a comfortable and worry-free outdoor life with the Sungold BXF series.

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