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Arrangements for sympathy flowers

sympathy flowers

It is true that flowers can ease the loss of a loved one in times of mourning, and they are one of the things that help ease the loss. It is possible to express a very personal and symbolic message to grieving friends and loved ones with an appropriate floral arrangement. If you are looking for funeral flower arrangements, you may not know which one is best for your situation because there are many options available. Here’s a look at the different types of funeral flower arrangements Baltimore MD flowers delivery offers so you can decide what type of flowers and arrangements to select.

Flowers in bouquets

Most funeral bouquets are made up of a variety of flowers. Many of them are made of traditional funeral flowers such as lilies, carnations, and orchids. Additionally, you can customize bouquets to make them more unique. It is common for these bouquets to be placed inside baskets that surround the casket during the ceremony. Additionally, some of them can be mounted onto tables and stands. If you’re sending condolence flowers to someone’s house, these are often the most common choice of floral arrangement you can order from flowers delivery Cedarcroft MD.

Arrangement of wreaths

There is nothing more beautiful than a funeral wreath. It is possible to design them with a variety of flowers, or just one or two types to achieve the sober effect that is required. Funeral wreaths, though hardly unique, are supposed to symbolize the circle of life, or eternal life. Due to their portability, wreaths are a great choice for funeral flower arrangements. In order to make both the funeral home and the gravesite more beautiful, you can remove them from the funeral home and place them there.

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Standing spray arrangement

Flowers in a standing spray are usually arranged on a tripod so that they stand upright. The family or funeral home orders and sets up standing sprays on their own. Standing Sprays Delivery Baltimore MD will help you choose from a wreath, bouquet, or a symbol, such as a cross, for your standing spray. During a funeral, standing sprays can be placed around the casket or at the entrance.

Funeral cross arrangement

Based on what the name implies, these floral arrangements are cross-shaped floral arrangements. It is most common for them to be mounted on a stand and placed close to the deceased’s casket. You can also make funeral crosses of a smaller dimension that can be placed inside the casket. Family members are generally the only ones to send funeral cross arrangements. As a whole, it represents the religious sentiments of the deceased and family members.

Baskets of flowers and plants

A basket of flowers and a green plant that symbolizes positive energy are popular gifts to send to grieving people. Especially if you are closer to the bereaved than the one who died, this is the most thoughtful thing you can do. Consider sending them an indoor plant or a floral arrangement they will appreciate at their home or workplace. Once you share your requirements with the sympathy flowers delivery Baltimore MD service, they will help you choose the most appropriate floral arrangement.

Casket spray

Like a standing spray, a casket spray is placed on top of the casket instead of standing upright. In addition to choosing the color, style, and variety of the casket spray, the family or funeral home usually orders it. These beautiful coffin toppers are available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit any budget. Casket sprays often include a flower that was important to the person who has died, because the arrangement lies so close to their memories. The casket spray is traditionally left on the gravesite after the burial as a remembrance. If you prefer, you could give close family members a single flower from it to keep.

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The task of arranging a funeral or expressing condolences to the family of the deceased is not easy. With these flower arrangements, you’ll have less to worry about when choosing flowers, from wreaths to crosses. The most popular sympathy floral arrangements can be found at so that you can make an informed decision.