Avail Peesafe Coupons 2023: For Products At Huge Discounts

Avail Peesafe Coupons 2023: For Products At Huge Discounts

Avail Peesafe Coupons 2023: For Products At Huge Discounts
Avail Peesafe Coupons 2023: For Products At Huge Discounts

No one understands the pain of women going out on a movie night or a dinner date and not finding a clean washroom to pee. Hygiene is a basic yet essential requirement for every individual. But even after so much modernisation, the majority of Indian women are still unable to get that basic hygiene. 

Here, the brand Pee Safe enters the game, intending to spread awareness of female hygiene and basic hygiene in general. Pee Safe is a famous hygiene-oriented products brand launched in 2013. Its first product was a Toilet seat sanitiser spray, which reduced the risk of contracting UTI or other infections by 99.9%. Since then, the brand has launched many hygiene-related products for men and women. 

You can also buy the Pee Safe products online using various Peesafe Online Offers or can shop directly from 10,000 plus retail stores nationwide. You can also use Pee Safe Coupons 2023 to shop for products at discount prices. 

Know More About Pee Safe 

Pee Safe launched its first-ever product in 2013, which was a ‘Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray’. It has been a life saviour for all women, reducing the risk of contracting UTIs or other infections by 99.9%. The founding members Vikas Bagaria, Srijana Bagaria and Rithish Kumar then realised the need for more hygiene products in the society. So, in the past three years. Pee Safe has come up with a lot of other hygiene products across many categories like female hygiene, male hygiene, hand hygiene, grooming and more. 

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The brand has established its presence in more than 100 cities of India with 10,000 plus retail stores and many more to come. Pee Safe products are even exported to 15 countries around the globe and have a presence on all major e-commerce platforms. The Pee Safe products can easily be purchased at low prices using the Pee Safe coupon Code and Peesafe Online Offers.

Pee Safe has received numerous awards for its remarkable performance and superb quality products. It was awarded the ‘Amazon Best SMB Brand 2020’ in presence of CEO Jeff Bezos for its remarkable performance. 

Pee Safe Product Categories

After the success of its toilet seat sanitizer spray, the brand has expanded its presence across other hygiene categories. And all these products are affordable with the help of Peesafe Coupons 2023. 

  • Period Care – Menstrual cups, Sanitary pads, Tampons, Cramp relief roll on  
  • Toilet Hygiene – Toilet seat sanitizer spray, Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Men’s Hygiene – Intimate face wash, Intimate wipes
  • Face Care – Face serum, Jade roller, Anti-acne face mask
  • Body Care – Sunscreen body spray, Body mist, Body nourishing oil
  • Shaving and Grooming – Razors, Shaving foam, Hair removal cream
  • Intimate Care – Sweat pads, Intimate powder
  • Hair Care – Hair oils, Natural hair tonics, Hair conditioners
  • Maternity and Baby Care – Maternity pads, Breast pads, Reusable baby diaper
  • Elderly Care – Adult diapers
  • Sexual wellness – Domina oils and gels, Domina female condoms 

Unknown Facts About Pee Safe 

  • The first ever product of Pee Safe, ‘Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray,’ has mint as its first fragrance.
  • The Aloe vera-infused panty liners of Pee Safe are the longest in the market, with 185mm in length. 
  • The brand name ‘Pee Safe’ has a space in between, and it’s not PeeSafe. 
  • The majority of Pee Safe products are vegan and cruelty-free.
  • The black logo stands for killing of the germs. 
  • The female condom by Pee Safe is named ‘DOMINA’, which is an amalgamation of Condom and Vagina. 
  • Pee Safe created the first ever Feminine Cramp Relief roll-on in the market. 
  • The brand has received the award for one of the best startups in 2020 by LinkedIn. 
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Pee, Periods and Patriarchy have always been taboo in Indian society and should not be discussed in the open. However, the brand Pee Safe changed the game by developing a range of products focusing on female hygiene. Pee Safe understands the importance of hygiene and has developed a wide range of hygiene and related products across many categories, including female hygiene, male hygiene, skincare, intimate care, body care and more. 

You can buy these products both from online and offline stores at affordable prices using the Pee Safe coupon Code and Peesafe Coupons 2023. The brand has a presence in more than 100 cities across India. All the products by Pee Safe are dermatologically tested, and Peta approved. The brand has overcome all the barriers and is going forward with the vision of a clean and healthy India. 

Sujaan Singh