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Basic Guide to Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour With Landing

Whether you’re planning your trip to Everest Base Camp or just looking for more information about a helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp, this guide will help you find the information you need. You’ll learn about the helicopter tour options, the costs of a flight, and the safety precautions to follow.

Cost of the flight

Taking a helicopter tour of Everest is an experience of a lifetime. The journey is short and scenic. You get to see the amazing Himalayan scenery and the beauty of the Sherpa villages.

The flight from Kathmandu to Lukla takes 35 to 40 minutes. From Lukla, you can go to Everest Base Camp. The flight also flies over Dudh Koshi River valley and Dhulikhel. You will be able to see the Khumbu Ice Fall and Pumori. You can also see the farm villages and the traditional way of life.

The flight from Everest Base Camp to Lula takes 20 minutes. The flight includes fantastic overhead views of the glaciers and green hills. It also includes a view of a small Sherpa settlement.

The cost of the Everest base camp helicopter tour is USD 3650 per person. This includes airport pick up, Hotel Everest view breakfast and drop off, and helicopter flight to Everest base camp and back.

Weather conditions

Taking the Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing is a great way to see some of the most amazing views of the Himalayan mountains. The trip takes about a day and is very relaxing. However, you may need to bring warm jackets and water bottles. The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is open to all, regardless of age or physical fitness.

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There are several highlights to this tour, including the helicopter flight to Everest base camp and the flight to Kala Patthar. However, the best time to visit this region of Nepal is in autumn. The weather is clearer in these months. The views of Cho Oyu and Lhotse are breathtaking. This is also the best time to see the soaring mountains and the lush green pastures.

Safety precautions

Whether you’re planning to fly to Everest Base Camp or you’re just looking for an awesome helicopter flight in Nepal, you’ll want to consider some safety precautions. Everest Base Camp helicopter tour with landing is a great option for families and anyone who wants to see the majestic Himalayas without the hassle of trekking.

Everest Base Camp helicopter tour with landing takes you above the Dudh Koshi river valley, Bhaktapur-Banepa, Solu and the traditional farm villages of the Sherpa. You’ll get a great view of Mt. Everest and other giant peaks. You’ll also be treated to a ten minute photo session onboard, which is a nice way to end the tour.

You’ll need to dress in warm clothes, including jackets and gloves. You’ll also want to pack some food and water. You’ll also want to take care to not throw any items from your window. You also need to wear a face shield or mask.

Highlights of the tour

Getting a helicopter tour of Everest Base Camp is the most popular option for trekkers. The flight offers incredible views of the snow capped mountains and glaciers. It also provides a chance to take pictures from the helicopter. It is available all year round.

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Everest base camp is located at elevation of 5,505 meters above the sea level. This area is surrounded by other giant peaks. Therefore, the weather conditions in this area change frequently. It is also affected by the glacier movement. Therefore, this region is not safe.

Getting a helicopter tour of Everest base camp is not an easy task. It takes a lot of planning and arranging. In addition, there is no proper helipad for the helicopter to land. Therefore, this type of tour is not suitable for everyone.

Getting there by helicopter

Getting there by helicopter may sound like a tall order, but that is not the case. Getting to the Isles of Scilly by helicopter will reward you with a memorable experience. In fact, the cheapest round trip to the Isles of Scilly cost less than $2500. This is a bargain compared to the airfares and hotel stays required to reach the same destinations by conventional means.

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