Basic Muay Thai Techniques

The Martial craft of Muay Thai Melbourne has its own novel procedures. It comprises of the utilization of nine weapons. The head,Guest Posting clench hands, elbow, knee and feet are by and large known as Na-wa arwud. Yet, today the utilization of head is not generally permitted in the Muay Thai battles. In Muay Thai modest quantity of hooking is utilized (The Clinch) for both shielding and going after reason. Muay Thai methods are partitioned into two gatherings: Mae Mai or Major procedures and Luk mai or Minor strategies. All methods in Muay Thai utilize the whole body development, pivoting the hip somewhat or completely with each punch, kick and block. This is the explanation which separates Muay Thai from different types of military craftsmanship.

Punching Techniques: ( Chok)

Straight punch = Mud Dhrong

Snare = Mud Wjang San

Swing = Mud Wjang Yao

Turning Back clench hand = Mud Wjang Glab

Upper Cut = Mud Seub

Cobra Punch = Kra-Dod Chok

Above Punch = Mud Khouk

The adjudicators in Muay Thai battles scores less to the warriors for the punching strategies as they are for the most part less successful and strong than kicks or knee strikes. Body punching is likewise utilized less in Muay Thai as it uncovered the contenders head to the strikes of knee or elbow from the adversary.

Elbow Techniques: (Dhee Sork)

Elbow Slash = Sork Dhee

Level Elbow = Sork Dhad

Upper Cut Elbow = Sork Ngad

Forward elbow Thrust = Sork Poonk

Turn around Horizontal elbow = Sork wjang Glab

Turning Elbow = Sork Glab

Elbow Chop = Sork Sap

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Twofold Elbow Chop = Sork Glab Koo

Mid Air Elbow Strike = Gra-Dode Sork

The elbow is utilized in seven ways in Muay Thai, evenly, askew upwards, slanting downwards, uppercut, descending, in reverse turning and flying. The elbow is likewise utilized from the sides as a completing move or to cut the rivals’ eyebrow with the goal that he drains. Draining blocks the vision and furthermore influences the contender’s presentation.

Kicking Techniques: (Dhe)

Straight Kick = Dhe Dhrong

Nutcracker Kick = Dhe Paa Maak

Round house Kick = Dhe Dhad

Slanting Kick = Dhe Chivang

Half-turn, half knee kick = Dhe Krueng Kheng Krueng Kao

Turning slope Kick = Dhe Glab Lang

Down Round house kick = Dhe Kod

Hatchet Hill Kick = Dhe Khouk

Bounce kick = Gra-Dode Dhe

Move forward Kick = Yiep Dhe

The most widely recognized kick in Muay Thai are Foot Jab (Theep) and the Kick (Tae), vertical looking like a triangle focusing on the ribs and arms (Chieng). This point kick in Muay Thai has been embraced by numerous different types of combative techniques as it is extremely compelling. The round house kick is practically like the kicks utilized in karate or taekwondo. Numerous Muay Thai contenders likewise utilizes a counter revolution of his arms to improve the force of his kick. A Muay Thai contender is constantly instructed to hit with his shin. Albeit the shin is extremely touchy for an undeveloped individual the shin is the most grounded piece of the leg than the foot as it contains fine bones and is a lot more fragile.

Knee Techniques: (Dhe kao)

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Straight Knee Strike = Kao Dhrong

Slanting Knee Strike = Kao Chijang

Bending Knee Strike = Kao Kouwng

Flat Knee Strike = Kao Dhad

Knee Slap = Kao Dhob

Knee Bomb = Kao Youwn

Flying Knee Strike = Kao Loi

Move forward Knee Strike = Kao Yiep

Other Knee Techniques: – Kao Dode: (Jumping Knee Strike) Jump on one leg and hit with that legs knee. – Kao Loi: (Flying Knee Strike) Take step(s), bounce forward and off one leg and hit with that legs knee. – Kao Tone: (Straight Knee Strike) Thrusts it forward. Not vertical except if the contender is holding rivals head down in a secure and plan to knee vertical into the face. – Kao Noi: (Small knee Strike) Hitting within upper thigh (over the knee)of the adversary while securing.

Foot Thrust Techniques: (Theep)

Straight Foot Thrust = Teep Dhrong

Sideways Foot Thrust = Teep Kang

Turn around Foot Thrust = Teep Glab Lang

Slapping Foot Thrust = Teep Dhob

Hopping Foot Thrust = Gra-Dode Teep

It is otherwise called ‘Push Kicks’ and is normally utilized in Muay Thai. It is chiefly used to go after adversaries’ assault, and get the rival cockeyed.

Warriors in The Arm Clinch Position:

There is a distinction in Muay Thai from the western Boxing. During the arm secure position the warriors are discrete in western boxing; but they are not in Muay Thai. There are a few securing strategies in Muay Thai including:

– Arm Clinch

– Side Clinch

– Low Clinch and

– Swan Neck.

Guarded methods against assault:

It as classified into six gatherings:

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1. Hindering: Defenders hard block to stop a strike in its way, so forestalling it arriving at its objective.

2. Redirection: Defenders delicate repels to steer a strike so it misses its objective.

3. Evasion: Moving a body part quickly far removed or scope of a strike, making the place of the rival for a counter strike.

4. Avoidance: Moving the body far removed or scope of a strike.

5. Interruption: Pre-pointing an assault.

6. Expectation: Defender getting a strike or countering it before it strike.

By Sajjad Hussain

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