Becoming an Insurance Adjuster

If you’re thinking about becoming an insurance adjuster, you should first understand what one actually does, and what’s expected of you as far as schooling. Insurance adjusters and examiners don’t have the boring job you may think they do. It isn’t all paperwork. They spend a lot of time in the field and like detectives, handle evidence which could lead to a very deserving family get the money to survive a loved ones tragic accident. Or, when you are becoming an local insurance adjuster Miami, you may gather evidence from a fire and prove that the owner had the place torched on purpose in order to collect the insurance money.

To oversimplify, insurance adjusters and examiners decide how

much to pay on insurance claims. In becoming an insurance adjuster, you get to be kind of a detective, going over evidence left at the scene of the crime, as it were, and making determinations about claims after burglaries, fires, and car accidents, to name just a few. You need to be able to gather evidence and know what to look for, and you get to interview fire examiners, medical examiners, and witnesses. If you’ve already worked in the insurance world previously, or have some very basic skills already, you’re on your way. You will need to know basic word processing, computer applications or programs, have taken some business classes, know English and technical language, a lot of math , and consumer law.

Insurance companies are looking for people

set on becoming an insurance adjuster. They should already have a bachelor’s degree or extensive experience in the insurance and claims field. If you used to be a mechanic, you may be able to get on in the auto claims office at an entry level position. Check out your states licensing requirements for insurance adjusters by searching the web or by contacting your local office.

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The downside of becoming an insurance adjuster is that most insurance companies don’t really like to pay out money, so if you want to be happy in your job, you need to work with an honest one. In becoming an insurance adjuster, there is an awful lot of paperwork involved. If you are naturally inquisitive and don’t shy away from catastrophe, becoming an insurance adjuster may be the career move for you.

Once a Home Improvement Contractor (“H.I.C.”)

Understands the benefits to working with an Adjuster, they will always choose to have a close relationship with one because the “PA” (Public Adjuster) will dramatically increase business for the contractor at no extra cost to the contractor. There are even savvy contractors who advertise the services of an adjuster as part of their business. For example a local Roofer goes door to door and leaves advertisement fliers offering a free home inspection to determine if you qualify to get your new roof paid for by your insurance company. The Public Insurance Adjuster will go out and do the home inspections for potential claims, whether they are for the roof or not.

  • The Benefits of a Home Improvement Contractor Working with a Public Adjuster
  • There are many benefits of the contractor working with a “PA” including;
More Clients – because homeowners can have their repairs paid

by their insurance company the contractor will have more clients. Image the increase in business when your customers do not have to go in their pocket to pay for the repairs.

Larger Scope of Work – a client may have an immediate problem like a leaky roof that they have the cash for. But, if they had enough money from their homeowner or business local insurance adjuster South Florida policy to repair and or replace all of the damage caused by the leaky roof, they would of course do the work. This gives the contractor a larger scope of work and more profit because of larger jobs.

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