Benefits Of Free Online Courses

Online Courses

There are several online course selling platforms on which students can find courses in their subject or courses entirely different from their field. Usually, these courses are paid; which means the learners have to buy the course online to access all the course content. After that they can learn from it whenever they want, paid courses also provide learners with certificates on completion of the course. 

However, nowadays many learners are preferring free-online courses too, these types of courses are similar to paid courses in terms of learning and course content. But, in free online courses learners don’t have to pay a penny to learn. However, after the course, students may or may not get the certificate, depending upon the course selling platform.

Regardless of its demand and popularity among learners, many teachers and educators question whether free online courses are legit and valuable for students. So the answer is yes, free courses are as legit and beneficial for students as any other paid courses. Let’s know-how so.

Free Of Cost: The biggest advantage of free online courses is that they are free, which means students don’t have to spend money on the course. They will be able to learn about any topic or subject without any extra cost. This is extremely helpful for those students who can’t afford to spend money on every other online course.

Get The Upgraded Knowledge: Everyday discoveries are happening in every field, about which students need to learn and educate themselves; especially IT students. In such cases, free online courses are helpful for students to understand current knowledge and gain the latest skills in their respective subjects. These online courses are usually updated regularly by their creators, and they keep adding new content and upgrading the old ones; thus, making the latest knowledge and skills available for the learners. This saves lots of hassle for students to search for the right and affordable course.

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Explore New Courses: Free online courses allow the learners to explore and learn various types of subjects and topics, as these courses are free students can take a trial. It means students can watch a few videos of any course and observe, whether they are understanding the content and topic or not. Based on their observation they can make decisions about whether or not to do that course. Exploring different courses and topics also widens the learning domain of the students and they can gain knowledge of different subjects.

More Flexibility: We know that online courses give learners the flexibility to learn from anywhere and at any time. However, there are online courses in which students have to attend a fixed number of classes and have to submit their assignments and worksheets, in a given time frame. Then only they will be qualified to get the certificate. These restrictions cause problems for many earners, but there are no such constraints in free online courses. Free online courses provide full flexibility to the learners, to learn as per their suitability and there is no time limit to submit assignments and worksheets.

Expert Teachers:  This is the perception of many that free online courses are not legit and their teachers are not so good. It’s wrong, there is no such case, every free online course is created by teachers and educators who are great experts in their fields. Their motive is not to put courses on the platform to sell courses online for profits, they created a free online course for learners to make knowledge more accessible and affordable. Still, if you have doubts, you can check the credentials of teachers provided in the course, and can look at reviews and feedback of other learners.

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Great Learning Resources: Free online courses don’t just provide course content to watch and learn, students are also given various valuable learning resources. Students can download free practice templates, worksheets, transcripts of course videos, reference material, ebooks etc from the course. Many teachers go beyond to teach and help students and thus, they attach all these learning resources along with courses for the students. Students get lifetime access to these learning resources (once downloaded), to learn and revise as many times they want.

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