Benefits of Google’s Featured Snippets and How to Get One

Google continuously strives to improve the user experience by introducing new search functionality and refining search results to serve users better experiences. Among the new features introduced in 2018 was a featured snippet. Highlighting content with featured snippets can help marketers drive traffic without paying a dime. Google highlights high-quality content in featured snippets that provide what users want. A trustworthy SEO agency London can produce quality content in partnership with a professional writer.

This article will discuss what Google feature snippets are, how to get them, and what they mean for you.

What are Featured Snippets?

A Featured Snippet is a short piece of text found at the top of a SERPs that provides users with an answer to their query. In a featured snippet, Google automatically selects content from its website index. Snippets help consumers find what they’re looking for by prioritising important information over other results.

The Benefits of Featured Snippets

A few of the benefits of featured snippets are listed below.

Boost Website Traffic

You can boost your website traffic with a featured snippet. If an agency or company finds they’re in a snippet, they’ll usually see increased traffic to their site. By looking at which pages have the most traffic and the queries people used to find the page, you can figure out which page got the featured snippets.

Get More Click-Through Rate

Featured snippets appear above other search results in Google’s SERPs, generating significant traffic or a high click-through rate. Most businesses care about producing quality content for getting featured snippets. Search Engine Watch says a search that’s likely to generate a click will boost CTR by 35.1%.

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Gaining More Brand Awareness

Getting a high ranking in organic search results has several advantages. When Google highlights your website via a featured snippet, you will see increased traffic and brand exposure.

Remember that individuals are more cautious than ever when researching; they check the website to ensure its validity. The CTR will increase when users learn more about your business and brand via your website.

Opportunities for Voice Search

Featured snippets play an important role in voice search. Because virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant pronounce the featured snippets loudly. Users can also visit your website directly for more information, which generates more traffic.

Improved Keyword Ranking

The featured snippet boosts keyword rankings and online visibility by increasing website authority.

Featured snippets typically cause businesses to see a marked improvement in keyword rankings. Therefore, clients can find businesses online and find the information they need.

Improves Your Site’s Authority

One of the major ranking factors for Google is the authority or trustworthiness of a website. For instance, Google considers link building, visit duration, and the number of visitors to a site when assessing its authority.

Featured snippets can increase your website’s authority by increasing traffic, increasing the average visiting time of users, and generating links.

Featured Snippets: How to Get Them

The guidance for getting your content into featured snippets is quite extensive. When preparing your content for a featured spot, keep several things in mind. In the following list, we outline a few important factors.

Create Unique and Highly Optimised Content

It’s easier to say than do. While the internet has a lot of content, having something new and unique is good. Using updated information in your new blog article will make it look organic, relevant and optimised content for search engines.

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Whenever you write a blog post about a question, you need to answer the question. Search engines can spot your article and grab it for the featured snippet if your article provides a clear explanation.

Rank your Website Among the Top 10 Results

Having a higher ranking than your competitors is the first step to getting a featured snippet. If you want to optimise your site for top search engine results, you must conduct a top to bottom study on why the top contenders appear in the search results.

A good website audit tool allows you to measure your website’s performance. Analysing why your website ranks in the top or bottom position will be helpful to you. Make your website or blog more helpful for your readers by making it more informative for them.

Make Use of Schema Markup

Many sites avoid Schema Markup because it requires them to deal with HTML and coding, which is hard for some people.

On the other hand, Schema Markup provides a good way of assisting search engines in bringing your content to their attention. The more authoritative your content, the better chance you have of getting featured snippets.

Final Thought

Search engine featured snippets can effectively increase the visibility of your website. Featured snippets, in contrast, aren’t a replacement for traditional SEO. Consider adjusting your current SEO strategy to emphasise featured snippets indeed. That’s why you need a reliable SEO company at your disposal to handle all these things for your website to appear in featured snippets.


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