Benefits of HTTPS Protocol Over HTTP for Websites

There are two kinds of protocols over which a website operates and is available for its user to access and communicate. A user using a website with a secure protocol and HTTP may not realize unless the data or information shared is at risk or is being breached.

For any user or the website, its information and data shared are important, and no one wants it to be in the hands of people that could cause them harm. We can take the example of a website for a bank where online transactions take place. Not the ban, neither the user wants to risk their data with the least secure websites. That is why such a website requires a digital certificate which we call a secure socket layer certificate. This certificate encrypts the data and ensures data integrity and security. An HTTPS protocol uses this certificate to encrypt the information; however, HTTP protocol lacks encryption.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with some of the benefits of the HTTPS protocol of a website over an HTTP protocol.

Top 6 Benefits of HTTPS Protocol Over HTTP for a Website

You can either run your website on an HTTP protocol or a more secure one which is HTTPS.  With an https protocol, your data going to the server and coming from the server will be encrypted and safe. Such safe communications are the most important things any user or a website owner can ask for. Only a few hosting services are trustworthy and provide a secure connection between a user and server over a network. They ensure this secure connection by using an HTTPS protocol that uses SSL for encryption.

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Below are some of the reasons and benefits of an HTTPS protocol over HTTP for a website.

1. Encrypted data sharing

The request from the user and the response received from the server must be encrypted and secure. With an HTTP protocol, there is no way the communication between the user and a server is encrypted. Data that is not encrypted is easy to interpret by the man in the middle, which is why the man in the middle attacks are higher with HTTP. On the other hand, HTTPS uses SSL encryption to make an HTTP request secure. That is why many website owners consult HostingMENA services to get an SSL certificate and ensure user and server connection is encrypted.

2. Protection from data breaches

We have mentioned earlier that with HTTPS, the connection between a website user and server is always encrypted. Encrypted connections make it difficult for hackers to decrypt the information flowing over a network. For instance, the man in the middle or the hacker will not be able to know the credentials of the user filling a form and submitting it. The password and username of the user always remain hidden. That is why websites prefer hosting services that provide them secure and encrypted connections for secure data transmission.

3. Improves website ranking

One of the ranking factors for a website is the protocol it uses. You will automatically be on the list for ranking if your website has an HTTPS protocol. Search engines do not index websites that run over an HTTP protocol. That is why websites that thrive for improved page rankings make sure that their websites are secure. For having a secure connection, you have to get an SSL certificate which your hosting service can provide. This SSL certificate will encrypt the request made through an HTTP protocol.

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4. Increase in revenue per user

A website having an SSL certificate or an HTTPS protocol has the potential to increase the revenue per user. It means that if your website is secure and authentic, the number of people visiting it will be higher. A business fails to generate revenue online when there is no traffic on the website. For higher traffic to your website, it must be trustworthy and ranked higher so that the user visiting it feels confident and secure.

5. Authenticates a website

The authenticity of a website can be proved through various aspects and factors. One of the factors that prove the authenticity of a website is its security protocols. If a website is using an HTTP protocol, then one cannot call it an authentic website. There is no guarantee that the user sharing the information over such websites will remain secure. That is why for making websites authentic, it is important to use an HTTPS protocol over an HTTP.

6. Builds user trust and confidence

When you ask a user whether they trust a website using an HTTP protocol or the one using the HTTPS protocol. The answer would favor HTTPS because it authenticates the website and ensures the user that their connection over a network will be secure. When users are assured that their passwords and important details are safe, they feel more confident using a website. So, contact the Dubai hosting services and secure an SSL certificate to enable secure connections between a user and server to build trust and credibility.

Make your communications secure!

For both the websites and users, security is important. By implementing these protocols to your website, you can ensure a secure connection. Make sure the hosting service you are opting for is providing you facilities and opportunities to develop secure connections with your users

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